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1921: Movie Review

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It is 1927. While the group of onlookers is anticipating for an amazing execution by a praised piano player Ayush Asthana (Karan Kundrra), the man being referred to has secured himself a room, got alcoholic and endeavored suicide by cutting off his wrists. Time to tip-toe in reverse to the year 1921. Naturally off the shores of Bombay, Ayush lands in England as a guardian of a vast manor and to ace his art at York Music School.

Things are smooth cruising for the young fellow and three months cruise by. Until one night, while going over his documentations, he fiinds an entryway of his Victorian manor bafflingly turning open while a soul skirts the air in the moon-lit garden. Before he can take a few to get back some composure of the circumstance, a dim phantom with smaller than normal knob startles him.

The following morning, he finds a dark shaded fix close to his midriff. Alarmed by the paranormal events, Ayush looks for help of a law-understudy cum-apparition whisperer Rose (Zareen Khan) who has the endowment of speaking with phantoms and spirits who have incomplete organizations on Earth. Before long, love thumps their entryway however the abhorrent soul upsetting Ayush is dead set on looking for vindicate from them for a dull mystery.

In spite of the unstable content, Karan Kundrra has a decent screen nearness and conveys an unfaltering execution aside from a scene or two where you discover him a little OTT! All things considered, his magnetism and powerlessness as Ayush influences you to overlook the ‘nay’. After her forgetable demonstration in Aksar 2, Zareen Khan shows up on-screen. All things considered, she isn’t all mope and trim this time! In any case, young lady, you certainly need to sharpen up your acting aptitudes and give us some motivation to pull for you. Her science with Karan is as thanda as an ice. Lo and see, the man behind the amplifier Vikram Bhatt too has a temporary cameo and gets the opportunity to mouth the exchange of the decade-‘Why be a candlelit when you can be the sun!’ Point noted, sirjee!

Decision: A dull romantic tale and accidentally interesting ‘alarms’ is all that 1921 brings to the table. Watch this Karan Kundrra-Zareen Khan starrer at your own hazard!

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