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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer – April 27th 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer 2 – April 27th 2018

Bad Samaritan Trailer – May 4th 2018

Overboard Trailer – May 4th 2018

102 Not Out Trailer – May 4th 2018

Get Out: Movie Review

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“Get Out” opens with an awesome tone-setter. A young fellow is strolling down a rural road, clowning with somebody on the telephone about how he generally gets lost since every one of the lanes sound the same. An auto passes him, pivots, and gradually begins tailing him. It’s a generally purge road, so the person knows something isn’t right. All of a sudden, and splendidly arranged regarding Peele’s bearing, the power of the circumstance is opened up and we are pushed into a world in which the protected looking rural areas are definitely not. (more…)

The Ottoman Lieutenant Trailer – March 10th 2017

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Directed by – Joseph Ruben

Produced by – Stephen Joel Brown

Starring – Michiel Huisman, Hera Hilmar, Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley


Rangoon: Movie Review

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It is 1943. The British are battling Hitler. Then again, the general population of India are gotten between two idealogies-Gandhiji’s ahimsa and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’ Indian National Army which trusts in ‘slaughtering the adversary as opposed to kicking the bucket at their hands’. In the midst of this wartorn gore and progressive turmoil, nearer home, there is Miss Julia (Kangana Ranaut),the thrill seeker on-screen character from the 40s who swings from crystal fixtures, keeps running crosswise over highest points of trains and makes individuals insane each time she goes ‘Bleeding Hell. (more…)

The Photo of a Ghost

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By: Annonymous

This story started from a photo, alright how about we read the story. There were 2 individuals who were great companions named Ji Hyun and Yoo Na. Ji Hyun is dependably in the primary position and victor in every opposition existing ballet artist, and Yoo Na dependably wind up underneath, the second champ. One day they contend in rivalries other ballet performer and Yoo Na who constantly under Ji Hyun’s arrangement to kill her closest companion, Ji Hyun. So she arranged an arrangement to toxic substance Ji Hyun. (more…)

Fascinating Archaeological Finds

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The Flood in Black Sea 

Dr. Robert Ballard is no more bizarre to awesome revelations. He found the German ship Bismarck and the Titanic. He may have even found the Biblical surge. The sea life researcher was more intrigued by finding a progress that had died amid the immersion of the Black Sea than demonstrating that Noah’s pontoon glided, however. In 2000, Ballard’s ship utilized sonar to delineate 500-square-kilometer (200 mi2) zone close Sinop, Turkey. (more…)

The Phoenicians Enigma

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Sacrifice of A Child

A lot of what we think about the Phoenicians originates from their foes. A standout amongst the most continuing bits of hostile to Phoenician purposeful publicity has been that they rehearsed kid give up. Oxford’s Josephine Quinn uncovered there is truth behind these shocking stories. To look for celestial support, Phoenicians yielded newborn children and covered them with offerings and custom engravings in unique burial grounds. (more…)

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