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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer – April 27th 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer 2 – April 27th 2018

Bad Samaritan Trailer – May 4th 2018

Overboard Trailer – May 4th 2018

102 Not Out Trailer – May 4th 2018

Some Interesting Facts about Eagles

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Bald Eagles

You may have found out about Benjamin Franklin’s bizarre proposition for the unassuming turkey to be America’s national feathered creature rather than the furious bald eagle. In any case, the excellent, terrific American image is not the heavenly predator you think it is.Respected naturalists regularly noticed that the bald eagle was not a seeker but rather a scrounger and criminal. It utilized its size to spook nourishment from the exceedingly effective fish-chasing osprey.Sarcastically cited by Meriwether Lewis in his enterprises amid the Lewis and Clark Expedition, “We keep on seeing an incredible number of bald eagles. (more…)

Popular Anti-Heroes from Comic Book

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Black Widow

Once in a while it’s not precisely clear what Marvel Studios thinks Black Widow should be. Where she ought to be classed as a main wannabe whose convincing back-story makes her a far more grounded remain solitary prospect than Captain Marvel or The Wasp, she’s been differently utilized as side-kick, sentimental intrigue and unsafe mystery weapon. (more…)

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