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Pixar’s Coco Trailer – Nov 24th 2017

Tera Intezaar Trailer – Nov 24th 2017

Julie 2 Trailer – Nov 24th 2017

The Dark Tower: Movie Review

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“The Dark Tower” once appeared as though it would be one of the more remarkable disappointments of 2017. Truly, I sort of wish it was. As seems to be, it’s more forgettable than odious, the sort of motion picture that once in a while rubs salt in your injuries by reminding you what could have been, however generally just scatters from memory as it’s playing. The two leads here—Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey—work fine and dandy in these famous parts, and you simply need to lift them up and place them in (more…)

Kidnap: Movie Review

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Medium closeup of Halle Berry shouting, medium closeup of a speedometer revving from 40 to 60 (whoa!), sloppy lightning-streak shots of cars pushing each other around like crash-mobiles. In spite of the way that her son is in the hatchback, and everything considered likely is not in a guard seat or wearing a seat strap, Karla has no contrition about endeavoring to run the vehicle off the street. (more…)

Jab Harry Met Sejal: Movie Review

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JAB HARRY MET SEJAL is story of a bored tour guide whose life takes a swing on account of a spunky vacationer. Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) takes guests on a visit over a few European nations. He’s somewhat unapproachable, impolite and thinks that its hard to keep up enduring connections. Sejal (Anushka Sharma) is a vacationer who has taken the administrations of Harry alongside her whole family. She gets drew in amid the excursion to Rupen (Kavi Shastri). (more…)


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