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Mary Poppins Returns – Dec 19th 2018

Zero Trailer – Dec 21st 2018

Aquaman Trailer – Dec 21st 2018

Bumblebee Trailer – Dec 21st 2018

Holmes and Watson – Dec 21st 2018

Escape Room Trailer – Jan 4th 2019

PadMan: Movie Review

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Recently wedded Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) is head over foot sole areas in affection with his better half Gayatri (Radhika Apte). Their ardent science is delightfully investigated in the track ‘Aaj Se Teri’ in the first place. Gradually when Lakshmi finds about Gayatri’s feminine cycle, he tries to urge her to quit utilizing messy clothes for her month to month time spans and change to clean napkins. Be that as it may, Gayatri communicates her stun over the cushions’ cost and feels hesitant to utilize them with the unthinkable encompassing the common procedure. (more…)

The 15:17 to Paris: Movie Review

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The film begins with a flashback to the trio’s adolescence, with Jenna Fischer and Judy Greer as Skarlatos and Stone’s moms, that guarantees an American Fighting Man Epic in the vein of “Sergeant York” or “Hacksaw Ridge.” But these scenes fall completely level, with character attributes being more depicted than sensationalized. The scene where the mothers contend with a nasty head who tries to determine Stone to have ADHD while dissing the two ladies for being single parents may be the most noticeably awful five minutes Eastwood has put onscreen, however it has loads of rivalry here. (more…)

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