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A Merchant and his Donkey

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source youtube

One delightful spring morning, a trader stacked his jackass with sacks of salt to go to the business so as to offer them. The shipper and his jackass were strolling along together. They had not strolled far when they came to a stream out and about.
Sadly, the jackass slipped and fell into the waterway and saw that the packs of salt stacked on his back got to be lighter.

There was nothing the trader could do, aside from return home where he stacked his jackass with more packs of salt. As they came to the elusive riverbank, now intentionally, the jackass fell into the stream and squandered every one of the packs of salt on its back once more.

The vendor immediately found the jackass’ trap. He then returned home again yet re-stacked his jackass with packs of wipes.

The absurd, precarious jackass again set on its way. On coming to the waterway he again fell into the water. In any case, rather than the heap getting to be lighter, it got to be heavier.

The dealer giggled at him and said: “You silly jackass, your trap had been found, you ought to realize that, the individuals who are excessively sharp some of the time over achieve themselves.”

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