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A Tale of Two Friends

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two friends

Two companions Ram and Shyam lived in a town. While Ram was to consistent with his companion on the other side Shyam was an untrustworthy man. He believed that on the off chance that he could get Ram to begin some business with him, he could cheat him of his offer and turn into a rich man. With this detestable thought he went to Ram and said, “Companion, I have a thought. There is not a lot left for us in this town, we should go into another town and profit.” Ram consented to his proposition and they set off towards the closest town.

With fortunes on their side, they soon profited and were en route back home. As they were going through a wilderness Shyam requested that his companion stop and uttered,”A thought simply struck me that it is not protected to take all the cash back with us. How about we take just a little entirety and cover the rest here.” Ram concurred. So the two companions set to work, they dove a major pit in the ground and soon cash was securely concealed.

“Presently there is no apprehension of hoodlums or robbers,” shouted Shyam yet in his psyche he had officially concluded that he would return and gather it all. They soon came to home.

That night Shyam returned discreetly to the spot where cash was covered and took it for himself. The following day he went to Ram’s home. “Companion,” cried Shyam, ” I have completed all my cash. We should go and get some more.” Ram was astounded that his companion had spent it all so soon. In any case, being a decent companion, he concurred. So off they went.

Yet, when they uncovered the pit, the pot of cash was no place to be seen. Shyam rushed to put the fault on his genuine companion. “You hoodlum you call yourself my companion. Return the cash or I’ll take you to the judge.” Ram was stunned at the allegation. “I am a legit man. How would you be able to suspect me?” he cried.

Quarreling the distance, they went to a judge. Judge asked them two and Shyam started to portray his false stories to the judge. “This man has stolen my cash. On the off chance that you don’t trust me then how about we go and ask the woods god, he is my witness. He will talk reality.” So it was chosen by the judge to visit woods God the next day. Listening to this Shyam went straight home to his dad and said, “Father, I require your help, I have stolen Ram’s cash. You will need to do as I say to spare me.” His dad concurred.

Next morning Ram, Shyam, the judge and town seniors went to the tree where cash had been covered. Shyam cried certainly, “O tree god. Let us know who the hoodlum is!” Shyam’s dad, who was covered up in the empty of that tree, said, “RAM IS THE THIEF.” Everyone was staggered to hear woods god talk. While the others were caught up with talking about the case, Ram was occupied with gathering dried leaves and twigs. He put them under the empty of that tree and set them ablaze.

As the tree began to blaze, Shyam’s dad exited that tree crying that it had been his child’s issue. He requesting that I bolster him in his evil doing. Judge comprehended everything and was exceptionally irate. He requested that Shyam return Ram’s offer to him and rebuffed Shyam for taking and telling an untruth.


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