Akbar & Birbal and The Three Questions

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source youtube

Ruler Akbar was extremely partial to Birbal. This made a specific squire exceptionally desirous. Presently this squire constantly needed to be boss pastor, however this was impractical as Birbal filled that position. One day Akbar commended Birbal before the squire. This made the subject exceptionally furious and he said that the ruler commended Birbal unjustifiably and if Birbal could answer three of his inquiries, he would acknowledge the way that Birbal was smart. Akbar continually needing to test Birbals mind promptly concurred.

The three inquiries were:

1. What number of stars are there in the sky

2. Where is the focal point of the Earth and

3. What number of men and what number of ladies are there on the planet.

Quickly Akbar asked Birbal the three inquiries and educated him that on the off chance that he couldn’t answer them, he would need to leave as boss clergyman.

To answer the main inquiry, Birbal brought a bristly sheep and said, “There are the same number of stars in the sky as there is hair on the sheep’s body. My companion the retainer is welcome to number them on the off chance that he prefers.”

To answer the second question, Birbal drew a few lines on the floor and bore an iron pole in it and said, “this is the focal point of the Earth, the subject may gauge it himself on the off chance that he has any questions.”

In answer to the third question, Birbal said, “Checking the accurate number of men and ladies on the planet would be an issue as there are a few examples like our squire companion here who can’t without much of a stretch be delegated either. Subsequently on the off chance that all individuals like him are executed, then and at exactly that point would one be able to tally the precise number.”