Akbar’s Dream

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One night, Emperor Akbar envisioned that he had lost every one of his teeth, with the exception of one. He was enormously aggravated with the peculiar dream. The following morning he called every one of the celestial prophets of his kingdom and requested that they decipher his fantasy.

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Every one of the celestial prophets held a gathering and after a long discourse, the crystal gazers forecasted that his fantasy meant that every one of his relatives would bite the dust before him.

Akbar was significantly upset by this understanding thus he sent away every one of the stargazers with no reward.

Soon thereafter, the Emperor happened to meet Birbal. He portrayed his fantasy to Birbal and requested that he decipher it. He additionally revealed to him what the crystal gazers had let him know.

Birbal thought for some time and stated, “It implies, Alampanah, you will live a more drawn out and more satisfied life than any of your relatives.”

Akbar perked up when he heard Birbal’s variant and compensated him liberally.

Birbal had likewise passed on a similar thing as the celestial prophets to the Emperor, yet in a keen way.

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