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Aksar 2: Movie Review

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The film opens on a stormy day (Because it’s a tension spine chiller, fella!). You see a moderately aged lady strolling swiftly on a road. Until kaboom! She’s thumped around a vehicle. Her umbrella flies not yet decided and afterward descends in slo-mo. That is precisely how you feel when the end credits come in this film. Be that as it may, before that, you have to persist just about two hours of rehashed say of the word ‘will’ and turns that add no meat to the plot.

Set in the lavish areas of Mauritius, a maturing very rich person Dolly Khambatta (Lilette Dubey) asks her budgetary supervisor a speculation broker Patrick otherwise known as ‘Pat’ (Gautam Rode) to contract a tutor for her. In strolls Sheena Roy (Zareen Khan) and our kid as of now begins having hots for her privilege from the primary look at her legs.

Some way or another Pat figures out how to persuade Mrs Khambatta to employ Sheena. Your figure is great as our own. Pat has some ulterior intentions. Left with no other decision, Sheena submits to Pat’s affectionate advances and winds up undermining her sweetheart Ricky (Abhinav Shukla). Be that as it may, hello, it isn’t all high contrast here!

Poor Zareen Khan! The young lady is basically decreased to wearing tight-fitting outfits for titillation. So there, you have her wearing neon pinks that shout debacle. At a point, one of the character in the film recommends ‘she needs a makeover’ and kid, we couldn’t concur more. One point for Ms. Khan for donning a ‘what-the-damnation am-I-doing-here’ articulation all through the film. Notwithstanding a scene or two, Gautam Rode too vacillates everywhere.

Abhinav Shukla has the vast majority of his screen-time dedicated to lip-bolting and displaying his etched body. Mohit Madaan has a vacant look put all over all through and has just two scenes to give a trace of articulation a chance to spill out. You feel frustrated about Lilette Dubey as much with respect to her frightful white wig that is breeze-confirmation. Did I say we additionally have Sreesanth who rest strolls through the vast majority of his part?

Decision: Towards the peak of the film, one of the characters tell another, “Possibly we could have a happy ending for both of us’. Unfortunately, that neglects to occur with the gathering of people. This one is justified regardless of a-miss!

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