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Amazing facts about Armenia

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Essential Facts

  • There are somewhere around eight and eleven million Armenians on the planet.
  • Armenia’s unique name is Hayk. It was later renamed as Hayastan, when the Iranians caught it. The nation is currently perceived as the ‘Republic of Armenia’.
  • The city of Yerevan has been constantly possessed for more than 2,700 years. Just a couple of urban areas, which incorporate Jerusalem and Damascus (the most established such city), are more seasoned. Established by lord Argishti I.

  • Armenia was the first nation to be authoritatively changed over to Christianity (301 customary date, 314 overhauled date: both dates originate before 391, the year the Roman Empire turned out to be formally Christian). Ruler Tiridates III who ruled from 238 AD to 314 AD, picked Christianity as state religion in 301 AD.
  • Armenian was the eighth dialect in which the Bible, either in full or to some degree was composed (after Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Syriac, Coptic, Gothic, and Latin). The Armenian interpretation, a complete one completed in A.D. 433, is thought to be the “Ruler of Translations.”
  • Armenians are the first individuals to endure genocide in the twentieth century. Amid WWI the Turkish government (otherwise known as Young Turks) moved to take out the Armenian individuals from the Ottoman Empire. April 24 is celebrated as the unraveling’s date of the Armenian Genocide.
  • Armenia is home to the world’s longest relentless twofold track link auto. The link auto keeps running for an aggregate of 5,752 meters, or 18,871 feet. It was opened on October 16, 2010 and was placed in the record books for its length, and hasn’t been beaten yet.
  • [glow=red,2,300][b]-[/b][/glow] The nation’s national image is Mt. Ararat. In any case, Mt. Ararat is really situated in Turkey. Keeping in mind it might really be within Turkey.
  • The main ever calfskin shoe, wine making office and skirts found in archaeological unearthings at Armenia, go back to 4000 BC, which demonstrates the advances in human progress in the Bronze Age.
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Fun Facts About Armenia

  • Armenians assembled places of worship in a gothic style of structural planning a century prior to it initially showed up in Europe.
  • Chess title holders Tigran Petrosyan, Garry Kasparov and chess is a compulsory school program in Armenia. Betting investor and part-Chrysler proprietor Kirk Kerkorian, resigned pathologist Jack Kevorkian, artist Charles Aznavour, and Cher are all Armenians.
  • The best man at Richard the Lionhearted’s wedding on Cyprus amid the Third Crusade was Armenian (Levon/Leon Rubenid).
  • Armenian was the eleventh dialect to be imprinted on the moveable sort press (in 1511 or 1512, after Latin, German, Greek, Czech, Hebrew, French, Arabic, Dutch, English, and Italian).
  • Armenia’s cognac took a turn for the well known when Joseph Stalin skilled Winston Churchill a decent’s portion stuff at the Yalta Conference. Inspired by its taste, Churchill then asked for to have cases delivered to him yearly.
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Random Facts you don’t know about Armenia

The primary church on the planet was inherent Armenia

Sacred Etchimiadzin was the first state church assembled on the planet back in the mid fourth century. This spot is additionally the headquarter of all the houses of worship in Armenia and it’s a standout amongst the most gone to journey site on the planet. Lamentably this lovely building has been under development for as far back as couple of years and we were not able to catch a pleasant shot of it.

The whole nation reveres Mt Ararat which is additionally the national image of Armenia

As indicated by our aide, Mt Ararat shielded Armenia from a super solid seismic tremor! They additionally trust that the top of Mt Ararat was the place Noah’s ark was found. In any case, tragically, Mt Ararat is not even inside of the region of Armenia right now.

The apricot is one of the symbols of Armenia

The banner on the right in the photograph beneath fits in with Armenia and the orange shade of the banner really symbolizes the apricot! That is the way noteworthy apricots are to Armenia! Also, when you stroll through the business sectors, you’ll discover merchants offering apricots of all sort from dried apricot, new apricot, apricot seasoned wine, apricot squeeze and whatever else that you can consider!

There is no separation in the middle of travelers and local people in Armenia

This has gotta be one of our most loved focuses. We truly like how there’s no separation in the middle of travelers and local people here in Armenia! Tickets to all attractions in Armenia were valued the same for both local people and travelers, not at all like in some different nations, for example, Iran where the vacationer cost is very nearly 10 times more costly than the neighborhood’s cost. Really, it’s free passage to all the places of worship in Armenia, which is really astounding really. In Central Asia and Iran, we needed to pay extra charges to enter their mosques. Just sure attractions, for example, the Garni Temple underneath requires a little expense for the passageway ticket.

photo via wikipedia

There’s a ‘stork town’ here in Armenia!

We were en route to the Noravank Church when we went by this town with an entire line of long wooden posts lined up perfectly along the street and an enormous stork’s home on the highest point of every shaft! It was so astonishing! These storks relocate to Africa consistently before the winter arrives and returns when it’s spring! We happened to be there when it was just about spring and a storks’ portion have as of now touched base back home to their home. It was such a charming sight! Additionally, the homes were huge to the point that some other littler winged animals, for example, the sparrows have made their own little home out of the enormous stork’s home!

Armenians heat their lavash underground in a tonir

A tonir fundamentally alludes to an underground earth broiler as appeared in the photograph underneath. Armenians adoration to eat lavash which is this slender layer of level chewy bread that is produced using flour, salt and water and heated in a tonir. Lavash can be kept for 1 year without turning terrible. So for the most part the neighborhood ladies will heat the lavash in mass and afterward store them to eat gradually for the following couple of months. Armenians can’t envision having their suppers without bread!

Chess is a mandatory subject in schools

Fascinating huh? All understudies need to take chess as an obligatory subject in school and there are even exams for it! The photograph underneath demonstrates the famous Tigran Petrosian Chess House in Yerevan where numerous tremendous worldwide chess competitions have been held.

photo via wikipedia

Armenia is one of the main mono ethnic nations on the planet

97% of the general population living in Armenia are Armenians and the staying little rate is comprised of diverse ethnic minorities, for example, the Yazidis, Russians, Ukranians, Kurds, and the sky is the limit from there.

Armenia was the first nation to have received Christianity as its state religion

Today, 97% of the populace today are Christians and Armenia has a standout amongst the most lovely holy places on the planet. Look at our post on the 10 most wonderful Armenian houses of worship that you must visit. The nation was changed over to Christianity in 301 AD by St Gregory Illuminator and from that point forward, numerous places of worship have been constructed under his name.

An expected 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered amid the Genocide

The genocide alludes to the mass killings of Armenians that started under Ottoman standard in 1915. Circumstantially, this year 24th April 2015 imprints the 100th year commemoration of the genocide. The Genocide gallery was shut for a year for exhaustive rebuilding and might be opened 2 days before its 100th commemoration.

photo via wikipedia

The genocide happened amid and after first world war where more than 1.5million Armenians were severely executed with no benevolence by her adversary. The genocide happened in 3 stages, the first was the point at which every one of the men were being shouted to join the armed force and afterward slaughtered (so that whatever is left of the populace won’t have any guys to ensure them), then next was the murdering of all ladies, elderly and youngsters, and the latter was the intelligent people.

Armenia is one of the most seasoned wine creating nation on the planet

Armenia is one of the most seasoned nation that has created wine on the planet. It’s credited to its favored area of being on the rich valleys of Mt Ararat where top notch grapes could be developed.

The whole nation venerates Mt Ararat which is likewise the national image of Armenia

As indicated by our aide, Mt Ararat shielded Armenia from a super solid seismic tremor! They likewise trust that the crest of Mt Ararat was the place Noah’s ark was found. Be that as it may, tragically, Mt Ararat is not even inside of the domain of Armenia right now.

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