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Amazing facts about Equatorial Guinea

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  • The biggest single tribe is the Fang (Fon, or Pamúe), who entered Río Muni from the east to a great extent somewhere around 1687 and 1926.
  • Central Guinea picked up freedom in 1968 from the Spanish. It capacities as a Presidential Republic.
  • Individuals of the Pygmy and the Ndowe tribes were the principal occupants of the zone that is today the territory of Equatorial Guinea.
  • Tropical Guinea has a custom of figure and cover making.

  • The family is in charge of most types of social welfare, including watching over elderly and tired individuals as a major aspect of the Equatorial Guinea society
  • More distant families regularly live respectively. At the point when a couple weds, it is conventional for them to move in with the spouse’s family.
  • As a component of the Equatorial Guinea society, tribes take after a custom of primogeniture which is going on legacy to the most seasoned male kid.
  • Malabo was already known as Port Clarence when it was established by the British in 1827
  • In 2012, the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations – Africa’s greatest donning occasion was held in the Equatorial Guinea and matches played out in Malabo and Bata (terrain).
  • Generation of oil started in 1991, and generous new saves were found in 1995.
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  • Central Guinea is the littlest nation in the mainland of Africa that is an individual from the United Nations.
  • Bata is the biggest city in Equatorial Guinea and was earlier the capital city of the nation.
  • Bioko is the biggest island on which the nation’s capital, Malabo, is found.
  • Central Guinea is the main free nation in Africa with Spanish as an official dialect.
  • Central Guinea has a solitary University, Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, the fundamental grounds is 5 miles from Malabo, with a Medical School at Bata on the terrain.
  • Luba is the second biggest town ofBioko in Equatorial Guinea, having a populace of around 7,000 individuals.
  • Playa Arena Blanca is the main white sand shoreline on Bioko Island, and is a hour’s drive from Malabo.
  • Bioko and Annobón are volcanic islands that are a piece of the chain beginning with the Cameroon Highlands and outcropping into the Atlantic to the extent St. Helena.
  • The most noteworthy point is Pico Basile at 3,008 m on the island of Bioko. The greater part of the area range is situated on the territory.
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  • Moraka Playa is a dark sand shoreline in Ureca, a town simply out of Malabo and is considered as a standout amongst the most excellent shorelines in the island. The dark sand originates from the terminated volcanoes that make up the island.
  • Monte Alen National Park is a secured untamed life park where guests can appreciate tropical woods that are home to gorillas, chimpanzees, panthers, timberland elephants, crocodiles and numerous different types of creatures, winged creatures and butterflies.



  • In spite of the fact that the espresso and cocoa commercial ventures are among Equatorial Guinea’s greatest economy promoters, the normal inhabitant there for the most part doesn’t devour these refreshments themselves.
  • It has the most astounding grown-up education rate of the whole Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Chicken and duck are typically served at exceptional events in Equatorial Guinea
  • In Equatorial Guinea, individuals stand close when talking, regularly touching or clasping hands.
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  • Central Guinea is considered as a tropical heaven. The dry season will last from December to February.
  • Malabo is a little city arranged on a characteristic pit formed harbor at the base of Pico Basilé in a volcanic zone with an incredible perspective.
  • Modest neighborhood sugarcane blend is effectively accessible everywhere throughout the nation.
  • Bata is well known for its business sectors and nightlife
  • Before freedom, the primary money products were cocoa, espresso, and palm parts in return for palm oil.
  • In Equatorial Guinea is honored with changing measures of gold, bauxite, characteristic gas, jewels, petroleum, dirt, and sand.

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