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Amazing Facts about Kazakhstan

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Official Name: Republic of Kazakhstan

Capital: Astana

Official Language: Kazakh and Russian

National Language: Kazakh

Demonym: Kazakhstani

Religion: Islam (predominant), Russian Orthodox, Protestant and Other

Legislature: Bicameral Parliament

Independence: 16 December 1991

Constitution: 28 January 1993

Area: 2.7 million sq km

Population: 15.7 million (UN, 2010)

Currency: Kazakh Tenge


  • Kazahstan is the ninth biggest nation by size on the planet. It’s an immense spot with a little populace of just 16 million individuals.
  • It’s the biggest landlocked nation on the planet, with Russian to its North, China toward the West, Uzbekistan down South and the Caspian Sea on its Western Border.
  • The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana, in the focal Northern district of the nation. It’s a generally new city with an extravagant, over-the-top horizon!
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  • Kazakhstan was a piece of the previous USSR and has been autonomous since 1991. It is a tyrant administration with the same man in charge since that time. Resistance gatherings are squashed and opportunity of the press is an outside idea.
  • The nation is a mixture, to a limited extent in light of the fact that Stalin expelled a wide range of ethnicities here amid his tenet. There are more than 131 diverse ethnic gatherings living in Kazakhstan. Kazakhs speak the truth 65% of the populace, up from 40% in 1991.
  • Russians have declined in numbers definitely since freedom. Those that we talked with said they feel less welcome and that it’s harder to land a position now (Kazakh dialect is a prerequisite for all administration occupations and numerous others also; it’s by and large not talked by Russians).
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  • The Soviet Union endured extraordinarily in WWII, with misfortunes nearing 30 millions (warriors and regular people), the greater part of any nation. There are landmarks all over in memory of the lost ones.
  • Kazakhstan is home to the Baikonur Cosmodome, the world’s first and biggest space dispatch office. It is rented by the Russians until 2050.
  • The essential city is not Astana but rather Almaty, in the SE. It’s a grand city of 1.5 million individuals with snow-topped mountains coming soon, excellent structures and advanced comforts.
  • Almaty has a shiny new Metro System that opened in 2011. There are as of now seven stations and they are all independently adorned and outlined. Extremely favor for a metro! It spoke the truth 50 pennies for every ride for grown-ups (all destinations are the same cost).
  • The ladies of Kazakhstan are frequently dress gorgeously and in high heels.
  • Essentially nothing is composed in English and not very many individuals talk the dialect. On the off chance that you don’t communicate in Russian, in any event accompany a phrasebook to help you get around.
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  • Regularly pipes for water and gas are over the ground! This makes it less demanding to repair them if necessary.
  • Apples are supposedly to begin from Kazakhstan and there are still wild apple woodlands in the nation.
  • Debasement is a shocking lifestyle here and every one of the drivers who bailed us out grumbled about the police. By the way it’s ideal to pay them off than get ticketed.
  • Around 0.5% of the populace are of Korean plunge. Numerous ladies of all ethnicities set up business sector stands offering Korean servings of mixed greens and cured vegetables. We cherished making a lunch from these heavenly offerings and the zesty carrots were astonishing!
  • A large portion of the nation is to a great degree level and infertile. This is the well known “steppe” (semi-parched and by and large without trees, this zone is greatly hot in summer and extremely cool in winter).
  • The nation is ostensibly Muslim, yet there are couple of outward indications of this. Mosques are not much of the time seen or listened. The numerous years of Soviet standard, when religion was made light of, have weakened its significance in the nation all in all.
  • The visitor business is all that much in its earliest stages in Kazakhstan. There are few to no knickknacks to purchase, no Kazakhstan shirts and, unfortunately, not a postcard to be seen! We had an exceptionally credible, irregular experience! (Did you read that we had a whole gorch to ourselves?)
  • Kazakhstan is mineral and asset rich (oil, gas, products) and has a tremendous measure of potential.

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We hope you are enjoying this Site with many different Information's and Fun Filled Posts. Also, visit us at www.knowledgemasti.com/kidszone and www.knowledgemasti.com/science