Ancient Cities that Still Exists

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Founded: 1400 BC

photo via wikipedia
The Acropolis of Athens by Leo von Klenze (1846)

Athens it the capital city of Greece and it is likewise the biggest city. Its multi year history is an interesting one and a great part of the way of life and traditions of the antiquated Athenians found there route into numerous different societies because of its predominance in the area as a huge city-state. The huge number of archaeological locales make this the ideal city for visit for anybody with an enthusiasm for European history and culture.

Founded: 1200 BC

Varanasi (otherwise called Benares) is in the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh. Jains and Hindus view it as a heavenly city and trust that in the event that you pass on there you will accomplish salvation. It is the most seasoned habited city in India and one of the most seasoned on the planet. Found along the waterway Ganges are gats – stops en route in which devotees can perform religious ablutions in the stream.

Varanasi Collage
photo via wikipedia

Founded: 2000 BC

Jerusalem is one of the most seasoned urban areas on the planet and it is viewed as a blessed city by Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. It is capital city of Israel (however not all nations perceive this reality). In ancient times it was the renowned City of David from the Bible and later where Jesus started his last seven day stretch of life.

Temple Mount
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Founded: 753 BC

Rome started as an accumulation of little urban towns which eventually turned into the city-express that ruled one of the best realms known to man. The Roman Empire which developed from the Roman Republic was generally fleeting – enduring from its establishing in 27 BC with its first Emperor Augustus to its last, Romulus Augustulus, who was dismissed in 476 AD. However the Eastern Roman Empire endure an additional 977 years.

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Etruscan painting; dancer and musicians, Tomb of the Leopards, in Tarquinia, Italy

Founded: 1200 BC

Lisbon is the biggest city and the capital of Portugal. It is the most established city in Western Europe – originating before London, Rome, and so forth. Religious and funerary landmarks exist there from the neolithic age and archaeological proof likewise recommends that it was previously a critical exchanging post for the Phoenicians. In 1755 it was struck by an overwhelming tremor which totally pulverized it because of the flames and a Tsunami – it is one of the deadliest shudders ever.

photo via wikipedia
Panoramic view of Lisbon, showing the Castle hill and the Cathedral

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