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Ancient Egyptian Clothing

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Egypt has hot and dry climate in light of the fact that such a large amount of it is a desert. The old Egyptians needed to have garments that was not very hot and permitted free streaming air to cool their bodies. A large portion of the garments they wore were made of cloth that was produced using the flax plant. The sort and nature of material relied on how rich the individual was.
Egyptians utilized as a significant part of the regular assets from their territory as they could. At an early stage they found the quality of flax plant for making material fabric. Every flax plant takes around 100 days to develop from seeds. When they blossomed, they were assembled and put in a sodden vat, in light of the fact that the flax plant really got more grounded when it was wet. The plant dried quick and when utilized, it endured longer than the greater part of alternate strands.

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

The old Egyptians were exceptionally worried about their appearance and, not at all like so a number of alternate societies in the territory around then, made independently hand sewn pieces, rather than only one major bit of material wrapped around their bodies. They wore a sort of “tunic” made of white cloth that may make you think about a shirt. A man’s tunic would achieve his knee range, while a lady’s tunic would go the distance to the lower legs. Ladies’ garments looked more like a dress, and could have maybe a couple shoulders secured and the material fabric for ladies was improved with a much quality than the men’s.

What materials were their garments produced using?

The Ancient Egyptians wore apparel produced using material. Cloth is a light and cool fabric that functioned admirably in the hot atmosphere of Egypt.

The Egyptians made cloth from the filaments of the flax plant. Specialists would turn the strands into string that would then be woven into cloth fabric utilizing weaving machines. It was a long and relentless procedure.

Rich individuals wore delicate material garments produced using flimsy filaments. Needy individuals and laborers wore rougher material dress produced using thicker filaments.

Run of the mill Clothing

Attire amid Ancient Egypt was genuinely straightforward. The material fabric was ordinarily white and sometimes colored another shading. Almost no sewing was done to things as most dress was wrapped around and after that hung on with a belt. Additionally, the styles were by and large the same for both the rich and the poor alike.

Men wore wrap-around skirts like a kilt. The length of the skirt changed over the historical backdrop of Ancient Egypt. Here and there it was short or more the knee. At different times, the skirt was longer and went close to the lower legs.

Ladies normally wore a long wrap-around dress that went down to their lower legs. Dresses shifted in style and might possibly have sleeves. Once in a while globules or quills were utilized to finish dresses.

Did they wear shoes?

The Egyptians frequently went unshod, yet when they did wear shoes they wore shoes. The well off wore shoes produced using cowhide. Poorer individuals wore shoes produced using woven grass.


In spite of the fact that the apparel of the Ancient Egyptians was straightforward and plain, they compensated for it with intricate adornments. Both men and ladies wore loads of adornments including substantial armlets, hoops, and neckbands. One prominent thing of adornments was the neck neckline. Neck collars were made of brilliant globules or gems and were worn on unique events.

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

Hair and Wigs

Haircuts were critical and changed after some time. Up until the Middle Kingdom time period, ladies generally wore their hair short. Amid and after the Middle Kingdom, they started to wear their hair longer. Men by and large trim their hair short or even shaved their heads.

Well off individuals, both men and ladies, frequently wore wigs. The more expound and jeweled the wig, the wealthier the individual was.


Cosmetics was an imperative piece of Egyptian style. Both men and ladies wore cosmetics. They utilized an overwhelming bruised eye paint called “kohl” to finish their eyes and secured their skin with creams and oils. The cosmetics accomplished more than make them look great. It shielded their eyes and skin from the hot Egyptian sun.

Intriguing Facts about Clothing in Ancient Egypt

High positioning clerics and the Pharaoh now and then wore panther skin shrouds over their shoulders. The Egyptians considered the panther to be a hallowed creature.

Youngsters didn’t wear any garments until they turned six years of age.

Old Egyptian clerics shaved their heads.

The Pharaohs kept their confronts clean shaven, however then wore fake facial hair for religious purposes. Indeed, even the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut wore a fake whiskers while she dominated.

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