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Ancient Malta Enigma

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Giants Temple

Malta’s stone monuments are more seasoned than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. These supersized sanctuaries date to in the vicinity of 5500 and 2500 BC. The date of the structures was derived through radiocarbon dating of human remains and stoneware found in the region.

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Situated on the island of Gozo, Ggantija is the most seasoned detached structure anyplace on the planet. As indicated by legend, mammoths fabricated the gigantic structure. To start with exhumed in 1827, the Ggantija sanctuaries sit on the Xaghra level confronting southeast. Gigantic limestone pieces create the outside.

Chunks achieving 8 meters (26 ft) secured this building. The inside dividers are made of unpleasant limestone pieces. It is likely that these rugged dividers were once covered up with earth and a thin layer of lime mortar.


Unknown Fertility Cult Temple

The Neolithic sanctuary complex of Hagar Qim indications at a puzzling Maltese ripeness religion. In the first place exhumed in 1839, the complex contains a focal structure and two distant structures. A progression of C-molded rooms, known as apses, give the site structure.During the mid year solstice, the rising Sun’s beams infiltrate the haven through a curved gap cut from one specific apse and light up the lower stones.

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Joined with the variety of ripeness statues found here, archaeologists guess that Hagar Qim was an area of old regenerative ceremonies. The antiquated fruitfulness sanctuary was dynamic in the vicinity of 3600 and 3200 BC. A few dirt and stone statues of male/female hefty figures and fat women have been recouped from Hagar Qim.

Two stone sacred places allude to antiquated customs once performed here. The limestone development has remained for centuries. Be that as it may, current ecological conditions are starting to quickly disintegrate the structure, which is presently ensured under tents.


Temple People

For barely a thousand years, Malta’s Temple individuals secured their little island with more than 30 stone sanctuary edifices. This culture created in entire disengagement. The more it propelled, the more outrageous it progressed toward becoming, appearing to overlook all impact from the outside world.

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The sanctuary edifices contain custom and internment destinations alongside several statues. How this propelled culture created is a mystery; so is its sudden vanishing. The Temple individuals were not wiped out by attack, sickness, or starvation. However around 2900 BC, they vanished.

We are left without composed reports to remake their past.Isotope examination of human remains uncovered that they expended generally meat and vegetables. Abnormally for an island people, they had next to no fish in their eating routine. Some guess that fast environmental change finished the time of the Temple individuals. Yet, more research is required to demonstrate this.


College Catacombs

While broadening the fields of St. Paul Missionary College, specialists found old sepulchers. They contained the remaining parts of no less than eight people, including an infant. The flawless remains were totally undisturbed by grave thieves. The chambers were hand-etched from stone. For newborn children, there were entombment racks, which were small scale tombs that had been put shut.

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The personality of the dead remains a puzzle. Calling them “Maltese” would not be right as this personality is a cutting edge one. The sepulchers go back 2,000 years to the Roman Empire.However, the area and substance of the tombs recommend that the locale was changing from a Carthaginian state to a Roman region. A vast Jewish populace—and additionally different shippers and pilgrims—likewise existed on Malta two centuries back.



In 1694, the Knights of St. John found two elaborate columns known as the Cippi of Melqart in the town of Marsaxlokk. The columns contained inscriptions that enabled etymologists to open the antiquated and baffling Phoenician language.The cippi respected Melqart, the Phoenician divine force of life and demise.

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Around 500 BC, the Greeks started to connect Melqart with their own particular Hercules. The Greeks and Phoenicians united to construct a Maltese sanctuary regarding Hercules/Melqart at the Tas-Silg site where the Cippi of Melqart were found. The Cippi of Melqart were cut into white marble and stand 1 meter (3.5 ft) high.

Like most fancy columns, these contain engravings: three lines of Greek content and four lines of Phoenician. The cippi’s concealed message, a tribute to Melqart, was at long last deciphered by a French excavator in 1758. The Cippi of Melqart were without a doubt the way to opening the Phoenician dialect.


Paleochristian Catacombs

The Ta’ Bistra tombs mirror a mixing together of Christianity, Judaism, and agnosticism. Clench hand exhumed in 1891, the entombment chambers have since a long time ago been plundered. The Knights of St. John were in the propensity for giving fortune chasing licenses.Located in Mosta, these sepulchers go back 1,700 years.

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The style was adjusted from before Maltese shake cut tombs of the Phoenician and Hellenistic periods. The unpredictable comprises of 16 chambers cut into the vertical face of the edge close St. Paul’s Bay.The hypogea (chambers) are beautified with scallop shells, spirals, angled retires, and tables.

The site is 90 meters (295 ft) long and contains 57 tombs, which are accepted to be a piece of a substantially bigger mausoleum system.After the site was at first exhumed, a farmhouse was worked over an extensive segment of the site. Specialists trust that the house has likely made critical harm the area.

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