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What is a Wedge?

The wedge is the dynamic twin of the slanted plane and one of the six traditional basic machines. Not at all like a slanted plane, which is stationary, a wedge does valuable work by moving.

photo via wikipedia
A wood splitting wedge

Facts about Stalactites and Stalagmites

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What are Stalactites and Stalagmites?

  • Stalactites and stalagmites are superb instances of nature’s forming. Together, they are otherwise called ‘speleothems’.
  • Speleothems are outlandish cavern highlights made by the testimony of minerals and are likewise alluded to as cavern arrangements or designs.
  • The word ‘speleothem’ owes its root to two Greek words ‘spelaion’ signifying ‘cavern’ and ‘thema’ signifying ‘store’.
photo via wikipedia
Image showing the six most common speleothems with labels. Enlarge to view labels.

Hagia Sophia

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The Hagia Sophia is a domed landmark which was worked as a church building in Constantinople however later changed into a historical center in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hagia Sophia Mars 2013.jpg
photo via wikipedia

Hottest Places on Earth

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What is the Hottest Place in the World?

On the off chance that you believed that there could be no other spot more smoking than Delhi with temperatures taking off up to 48 degree Celsius, you will change your conclusion when you are finished perusing this article.

photo via wikipedia
From top clockwise: Lotus templeHumayun’s TombConnaught PlaceAkshardham templeand India Gate

Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle is a name that strikes dread into the hearts of the individuals who need to go through it.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle is put between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida.

photo via wikipedia
Schooner Carroll A. Deering, as seen from the Cape Lookoutlightvessel on January 29, 1921, two days before she was found deserted in North Carolina. (US Coast Guard)


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What is floatation?

Floatation is the marvel of any substance or item laying on the outside of a fluid, without sinking.

Image result for Floating object youtube
source youtube

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