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Bholu’s Donkey

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source youtube
source youtube

Once there was a washer-man, named Bholu. He had a male donkey whom he adored all that much yet not able to give enough sustenance to him. One day, while Bholu and his donkey were returning home through a woods, the donkey fallen because of weariness and the overwhelming burden he was conveying. Bholu felt terrible.

“Poor individual, I wish I could give him better sustenance” said Bholu.

All of a sudden Bholu halted dead in his track. Directly before him was a tiger resting amidst the street. Bholu was frightened to death and started to yell. Be that as it may, incredibly he didn’t see the tiger move.

“Ok! Say thanks to God, it is dead!” Bholu said with extraordinary help.

When he spoke the truth to go around the dead tiger, a thought struck him.

“Why don’t I bring the tiger’s skin with me?” Thought smart Bholu, “I can put the stow away on the donkey to frighten the agriculturists off. They will believe he’s a tiger and he can eat all he needs.”

Satisfied with his thought, the following night, Suddha put the dead tiger’s skin on the donkey and took him to a product field.

“Alright, proceed my dear donkey and eat to your heart’s substance. I will return for you tomorrow morning. Nobody will set out trouble you.”

The sure donkey, resembling a major, savage tiger, started to munch in the field. At the point when the agriculturists, who were guarding their fields, detected an immense tiger eating their yield, they stayed away. Be that as it may, they couldn’t make sense of why a meat eater was carrying on like a veggie lover!

In the morning the dhobi came and was glad to see his cherished donkey all around bolstered and developing full. “What an astute trap I played on those ranchers!” said Suddha with pride.

This continued for a couple of days. The ranchers were astounded by this tiger why should demonstrating be a hazard to them and pulverizing their harvests. They couldn’t comprehend the secret yet disheartened to see their hard work squandered. Still nobody set out to go up against the hazardous creature.

source youtube
source youtube

At that point one day Bholu’s donkey, masked in the tiger skin, heard the bawl of a female donkey. “Ee-Aw, Ee-Aw.”

He was enchanted by her call and weak to stand up to.

“Ee-Aw, Ee-Aw” he sang back to her. He was blinded by adoration for her and abandoned all reason and practical judgment skills.

The ranchers heard it as well. The secret was illuminated. They ran and got the donkey wearing the tiger skin and beat him to death.

In the morning Bholu arrived, he was stunned to see his darling pet dead on the ground. Suffering from extreme melancholy, he couldn’t make sense of what had happened.

Subsequent to giving the circumstance much thought, the reason struck him. He unfortunately shook his head and said, “I wish he had stayed silent.”

Moral: Silence is Golden.

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