Biography of Maria Mitchell

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Maria Mitchell was a nineteenth century American space expert, credited to be the primary expert female stargazer in the United States. Indirectly identified with the famous polymath, Benjamin Franklin, she was naturally introduced to a liberal Quaker family.

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Her folks had confidence in instructing ladies and energized youthful Maria’s initial scholarly interests. She experienced childhood in a network where she was encompassed by free disapproved of ladies and she excessively formed into a solid willed and clever lady. Her dad was a school key and, at home he instructed her space science utilizing his own telescope. She built up an energy for space science and found that she was normally gifted in this subject. She was not even 13 when she helped her dad in ascertaining the correct snapshot of an annular overshadowing.

A couple of years after the fact she found a comet which in the end ended up known as “Miss Mitchell’s Comet”. This disclosure of hers made her mainstream and she earned overall notoriety for being one of only a handful couple of ladies to have at any point found a comet. As the nation’s first expert female cosmologist, she was abundantly regarded and furthermore served in a few renowned scholastic positions. Notwithstanding being a stargazer she was likewise a women’s activist who put stock in equivalent rights for all independent of sexual orientation or race.

Youth and Early Life

  • Maria Mitchell was conceived on August 1, 1818, in Nantucket, Massachusetts, to William Mitchell and Lydia Coleman Mitchell. Her folks were Quakers and she was one of their ten kids.
  • Experiencing childhood in a run of the mill Quaker people group which underscored on young ladies’ instruction and ladies’ correspondence, Maria and her sisters got an astounding training at standard with their siblings.

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  • She gotten her essential training from Elizabeth Gardener’s little school and later moved toward the North Grammar school, where her dad was the main foremost. Her dad later manufactured his very own school where she was an understudy, as well as an instructing right hand to her dad.
  • Her dad understood Maria’s enthusiasm for cosmology and begun training her stargazing utilizing his own telescope at home. She had a characteristic style for finding out about the eminent bodies and helped her dad in ascertaining the correct snapshot of an annular shroud even before she turned 13.
  • Her dad’s school shut down and along these lines she proceeded onward to go to Unitarian pastor Cyrus Peirce’s school for young women.


  • Subsequent to finishing her instruction from Peirce’s school she begun filling in as his educating colleague. Inevitably she opened her own school in 1835.
  • A free disapproved of lady who had faith in equivalent rights for all, she chose to permit all youngsters independent of their shading or race to go to her school. It was viewed as a dubious move in light of the fact that in those occasions isolated schools were the standard.
  • She was later on offered the situation of the primary administrator of the Nantucket Atheneum which she acknowledged. She held this activity for the following 20 years. She kept examining and watching the sublime bodies alone in her relaxation time notwithstanding her activity.
  • She watched a little hazy streak in the sky through her telescope on the night of October 1, 1847. She understood that it was a comet and enthusiastically educated her dad. She at that point recorded the protest’s position, and kept on watching it to make sure it was a comet.

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Maria Mitchell (seated) inside the dome of the Vassar College Observatory, with her student Mary Watson Whitney (standing), circa 1877

  • When she turned out to be certain that it was to be sure a comet, her dad reported her revelation. This revelation won her a lofty honor and she before long turned out to be extremely celebrated everywhere throughout the world. She picked up a notoriety for being America’s first expert stargazer and wound up one of the plain couple of ladies known to have found a comet.
  • In 1848, she was chosen as Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, turning into the main lady to be agreed this respect. Two or after three years she was made an individual from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • In 1865, she moved toward becoming teacher of space science at Vassar College—the primary individual to be selected to this situation at the school, and the main female cosmology educator in the United States. She was additionally named executive of Vassar College Observatory. She instructed in the school until her retirement in 1888.
  • As an educator she constantly underscored on the significance of perception. She urged her understudies to watch things themselves instead of depending just on books for learning. She, alongside a few of her understudies ventured out 2,000 miles to Colorado to observe an aggregate sun powered overshadowing in 1878.
  • She was likewise a staunch women’s activist who pushed for ladies’ rights and urged ladies to seek after their scholarly advantages as opposed to constraining themselves to their family unit tasks.

Real Work

She got overall recognition for finding another comet which she initially seen in the sky on October 1, 1847. The comet was named “Miss Mitchell’s Comet” after her, and she wound up one of only a handful couple of ladies ever to have found a comet.

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Maria Mitchell’s telescope, on display in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History

Grants and Achievements

  • She won the King of Denmark’s Cometary Prize Medal, 1848, for her disclosure of another comet which was later named as “Miss Mitchell’s Comet”.
  • The Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket is named after her, similar to the Mitchell hole on the moon.
  • Maria Mitchell was after death accepted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1994.

Individual Life and Legacy

  • Maria Mitchell never wedded. For an incredible duration she stayed near her folks and kin, and dealt with her dad after her mom’s demise in 1861.
  • She kicked the bucket on June 28, 1889, at 70 years old, in Lynn, Massachusetts.

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