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Bird with Two Heads

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source youtube

Quite a long time ago, there carried on an incredible fowl named Bharunda, on the banks of a lake.

The Bird with Two Heads – Panchatantra Story PictureIt was abnormal on the grounds that he had two necks with two heads, yet shared the regular body. One day, as the flying creature was meandering, it discovered a tasty looking red-brilliant natural product.

One of the heads muttered, “Gracious, what a scrumptious looking organic product. I am fortunate to have discovered it. I am certain the natural product is sent from sky just for me”. On saying as much, it began eating the natural product with most extreme delight. While eating, it continued adulating how it was the most heavenly natural product he had ever eaten.

Listening to and seeing this, the other head asked for, “Goodness dear, please likewise permit me to taste the natural product that you are lauding with your entire being”.

The main head would not have liked to share it, so it giggled and said, “We have the same stomach. Whoever amongst us eats the natural product, it goes to the same stomach. It has no effect on who eats the natural product. Additionally, since I am the person who discovered this natural product in any case, I have the privilege to eat it myself.”

This self-centeredness of the first head hurt him all that much, and he ran noiseless with disillusionment on listening to the first head’s answer.

Couple of days after the fact, as they were meandering the second head discovered a few natural products. The Bird with Two Heads – Panchatantra Story PictureThe organic products were from a harmful tree. He announced to the first head, “You are a misleading individual. Recently you had offended me by not sharing the scrumptious organic product. Presently I am going to eat this products of the soil your affront”.

The primary head argued, “Kindly don’t eat this natural product, it is a noxious one. We have the same stomach. In the event that you eat it, we will both bite the dust”

Ridiculing at the first head, the second head answered, “Quiets down! Since I am the person who discovered this organic product in any case, I have the privilege to eat it myself”.

Realizing what might happen, the first go to cry. The second head ate the harmful natural product without irritating the first head’s solicitations. As a result of this activity, when the toxin came to the stomach, the fledgling passed on. Subsequently, both of the heads lost their lives.

The wise indeed say:
Union is strength.

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