Boys Who Made a Lion

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King Vikram returned in the thick woods to get Betaal, who had taken off after Vikram had responded to his inquiry. Betaal, as usual, started another fascinating story to keep Vikram engaged amid the adventure.

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The story went this way: Once upon a period, there carried on a Brahmin in a city, who had four children. The Brahmin had himself shown the Vedas and the heavenly sacred texts to every one of them.

At some point, the siblings chose to wander out into the world all alone, get familiar with an exceptional aptitude and afterward returned again to meet one another. In this way, they went to pick up something exceptional and after some time, returned to meet each other at the named time.

Each boasted about the unique aptitude that he had learned. The first stated, “I can make the substance of an animal from a solitary bone of the animal.” The second one stated, ” I can make the hair and skin of an animal.” The third one stated, “I can make the appendages of an animal”. The fourth one stated, ” And I can imbue life into that animal.”

Thus, they went to the timberland to discover a bit of bone and put their aptitudes to test. They happened to discover a lion’s bone lying some place in the backwoods. The first made the substance over the bone, utilizing his exceptional expertise. The second one added skin and hair to the lion utilizing his forces and the third one made the lion’s appendages. The fourth young fellow was hanging tight to display his abilities and when his turn came, he recited a few mantras and imbued life into the lion’s body. When the lion became animated, it jumped on them and murdered them all.

Betaal asked King Vikram, “Who among the four siblings was in charge of the passing of every one of them?”

Vikram answered, “The fourth one, as he offered life to the generally dead structure of bones fragile living creature and appendages and hair.”

Betaal valued the ruler for his knowledge and returned to the tree.

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