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Critical Historic Wars

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Ipsus (301 BC)

The Battle of Ipsus was battled between a portion of the Diadochi (the successors of Alexander the Great) in 301 BC close to the town of that name in Phrygia. Antigonus I Monophthalmus and his child Demetrius I of Macedon were hollowed against the alliance of three different sidekicks of Alexander: Cassander, leader of Macedon; Lysimachus, leader of Thrace; and Seleucus I Nicator, leader of Babylonia and Persia.

photo via wikipedia
The successor kingdoms before the battle of Ipsus, 303 BC.

Some Interesting Facts about Ancient Greece

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Marriage and Children

The general population of antiquated Greece did not wed out of adoration. Despite what might be expected, marriage was viewed as the obligation of each free conceived subject of Greece. Fathers would organize the relational unions of their girls and children. In many cases, little girls were pledged when they were newborn children. When the time had come to formally go up against the jobs of a couple, the little girls were as a rule as youthful as 15-years of age and the children found the middle value of age thirty.

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Some Violent Gangs in History

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The Kabukimono (“insane ones”) are what was the fate of lordless samurai who shaped into inebriated groups of what must be depicted as medieval Japanese glitz rockers. They were generally vigorously furnished, disenthralled young people who wore ladies’ garments and cosmetics and had their own slang and long hair—here and there styled absurdly.

photo via wikipedia
The “kabukimono” were a group that dressed in a peculiar style and spoke in a vernacular which matched their often outrageous behavior.

Shortest Ever Wars in History

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Greco-Turkish War (30 days)

Year Fought: 1913
Between: Bulgaria vs Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Ottoman Empire
Outcome: Bulgarian defeat

The Second Balkan War was battled in 1913 between Bulgaria on one side and its First Balkan War partners Greece and Serbia on the opposite side, with Romania and the Ottoman Empire mediating against Bulgaria. The result turned Serbia, a partner of the Russian Empire, into a critical territorial power, disturbing Austria-Hungary and accordingly by implication giving an imperative reason to World War I.

photo via wikipedia
Greek infantry charge in river Gediz during the war

Nandlal Bose – Indian Painter

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Nandalal Bose was one of those painters who battled despite seemingly insurmountable opposition so as to seek after his energy. In contrast to numerous other Indian painters, Bose did not have the help of his family. Be that as it may, the trust he had in his own enthusiasm and capacity, at last transformed him into a standout amongst the most observed Indian painters of the twentieth Century.

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Ancient Cities that Still Exists

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Founded: 1400 BC

photo via wikipedia
The Acropolis of Athens by Leo von Klenze (1846)

Athens it the capital city of Greece and it is likewise the biggest city. Its multi year history is an interesting one and a great part of the way of life and traditions of the antiquated Athenians found there route into numerous different societies because of its predominance in the area as a huge city-state. The huge number of archaeological locales make this the ideal city for visit for anybody with an enthusiasm for European history and culture.


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