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Cultural Practices of Ancient Egypt

Female Physicians


The antiquated Egyptians were genuinely enthused about sexual orientation correspondence. Ladies delighted in numerous freedoms that vanished in progressive societies, for example, the privilege to possess property and to execute authoritative reports. Moreover, ladies were all around regarded in callings that have turned out to be a great deal more male-driven in cutting edge times, for example, drug. (more…)

Armarna Letters of Ancient Egypt

The letters were found in Upper Egypt at Amarna, the advanced name for the Egyptian capital of Akhetaten, established by pharaoh Akhenaten (1350s – 1330s BC) amid the Eighteenth tradition of Egypt.

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia


Creation Myths in Ancient Egypt

The lives of the old Egyptians fixated on the Nile River. It gave them water to drink, water to bathe and swim in, fish to eat, water for products, crocodiles to both love and fear, and an exchange course to exchange merchandise. It could be tranquil and quiet and it could be fiendish and relentless when it overflowed. It additionally got to be famous in a large number of their creation myths.

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

The principle creation myth clarified that before the very beginning, Atum ascended from out of the dull, bothering confusion called Nun. He made himself exclusively by the power of his will and his own particular contemplations. When he climbed, he made a slope in light of the fact that there wasn’t anyplace to stand. (more…)

Ancient City – Memphis

History of Memphis

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Memphis was established by King Menes. He brought together Upper and Lower Egypt into one government. The primary name for the city was “White Walls” which likely got from the whitewashed block of Menes’ royal residence. Memphis was such a vital city amid the Old Kingdom that numerous pharaohs and other effective individuals picked the desert feigns here as their internment place.

Memphis is the faction focal point of Ptah, a maker God in antiquated Egyptian religion. He was likewise benefactor of experts which was fitting since Memphis, in its prime, flourished as a middle for business and exchange. In spite of the fact that it wasn’t straightforwardly on the Nile River, a waterway associated it, taking into account plenteous exchange. (more…)

The Trees of Ancient Egypt

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Egypt, before the beginning of history was overflowing with trees. Of these trees are the petrified backwoods that are close to the Giza pyramids and adjacent to El Mokattam level. Egyptian Pharaohs planted trees and dealt with them. They brought dark wood from the Sudan, pine and cedar from Syria. Egyptian Pharaohs planted sant trees, sycamore, lotus products of the soil.

At the season of the Crusades, Egypt had given careful consideration to developing wood trees, to assemble marine armada. There were 20,000 feddans of trees developed on both sides of Nile from Gerga to Aswan. The Ayobians planted woodlands in Upper Egypt from Beni Swif to Assuit. Before the end of the Crusades, there were little consideration paid for (more…)

Trade and Natural Resources in Ancient Egypt

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Egypt is rich in building and enriching stone, copper and lead metals, gold, and semiprecious stones. These characteristic assets permitted the antiquated Egyptians to manufacture landmarks, shape statues, make devices, and design gems. Embalmers utilized salts from the Wadi Natrun for preservation, which additionally gave the gypsum expected to make mortar.

Mineral bearing rock arrangements were found in far off, aloof watercourses in the eastern desert and the Sinai, requiring expansive, state-controlled undertakings to get regular assets found there. There were broad gold mines in Nubia, and one of the main maps known is of a gold mine in this district. The Wadi Hammamat was a striking wellspring of rock, greywacke, (more…)

Bastet – Egyptian Goddess

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

In Egyptian mythology, Bast (likewise spelled Ubasti, Baset, and later Bastet) is an antiquated sun oriented and war goddess, adored at any rate subsequent to the Second Dynasty. In the late lines, the ministers of Amun started to call her Bastet, a tedious and minor structure after her part in the pantheon got to be decreased as Sekhmet, a comparable lioness war divinity, turned out to be more prevailing in the brought together culture of Lower and Upper Egypt. In the Middle Kingdom, the feline showed up as Bastet’s hallowed creature and after the New Kingdom she was portrayed with a lady with a feline’s head conveying a sacrosanct clatter and a crate or wicker bin. (more…)

Maatkare Hatshepsut

The Queen Who Would Be King – 1473-1458 B.C.

Hatshepsut was an eighteenth tradition pharaoh who was one of the modest bunch of female rulers in Ancient Egypt. Her rule was the longest of all the female pharaohs. Her funerary sanctuary still stands as a tribute to her staggering ascent to control.

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Hatshepsut was the little girl of the Pharaoh Tuthmosis I and Queen Ahmose, both of regal heredity.

Hatshepsut was hitched to her own particular stepbrother, Tuthmosis II, with whom she ruled for somewhere in the range of 14 years. Understanding his sister-spouse’s eager nature, Tuthmosis II pronounced his child by the array of mistresses young lady Isis to be his (more…)

Duat – Ancient Egypt

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

In Egyptian mythology, Duat (likewise Tuat and Tuaut) (additionally called Akert, Amenthes, or Neter-khertet) is the underworld. The Duat is an unlimited territory under the Earth, associated with Nun, the waters of the primordial pit.

The Duat is the domain of the god Osiris and the living arrangement of different divine beings and heavenly creatures. It is the locale through which the sun god Ra sets out from west to east amid the night, and where he fought Apep. It additionally was the spot where individuals’ souls followed demise for judgment, however it was not the full degree of life following death. (more…)

The Rosetta Stone – Ancient Egypt

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

The Rosetta Stone is 3 feet 9 crawls in length and 2 feet 41/2 creeps wide. It is dim pinkish rock stone with composing on it in two dialects, Egyptian and Greek, utilizing three scripts, Hieroglyphic, Demotic Egyptian and Greek. Since Greek was surely understood, the stone was the way to decoding the symbolic representations.

The Rosetta stone is dated to March 196 BC, in the ninth year of Ptolemy V. The foundation to the setting up of the stela was the affirmation of the control of the Ptolemaic rulers over Egypt. The Ptolemies were Greeks who had been administering Egypt since the discontinuity of the Empire of Alexander the Great, keeping in mind they manufactured sanctuaries in the (more…)


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