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Kathak: Traditional Indian Dance

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Kathak is one of the primary classifications of antiquated Indian established move and is customarily respected to have started from the voyaging troubadours of North India alluded as Kathakars or storytellers. These Kathakars meandered around and conveyed unbelievable stories by means of music, move and tunes very like the early Greek theater. The class created amid the Bhakti development, the pattern of mystical dedication which advanced in medieval Hinduism.

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Kathak dancer Arushi Nishank performing at Lucknow Kathak Sansthan.

Safdarjung Tomb

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Built: 1754

By Who?: Nawab Shujaud Daula

Location: At the Intersection of Safdarjung Road and Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi, India

Architectural Style: Mughal Empire style


Safdarjung, a Persian local and a relative of Qara Yusuf from the Kara Koyunlu, was conceived as Muhammad Muqim in-Khurasan in 1708 AD. In 1722 AD, he moved to India. He turned into the Subadar Nawab of Oudh that is the leader of the territory of Oudh or Awadh area on March 19, 1739, succeeding his maternal uncle turned dad in-law Burhan ul Mulk Saadat Ali Khan I, apparently paying off Nadir Shah with twenty million rupees. He served the situation for a mind-blowing duration. Ruler Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Shah offered to him the title of “Safdarjung”.

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Nandlal Bose – Indian Painter

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Nandalal Bose was one of those painters who battled despite seemingly insurmountable opposition so as to seek after his energy. In contrast to numerous other Indian painters, Bose did not have the help of his family. Be that as it may, the trust he had in his own enthusiasm and capacity, at last transformed him into a standout amongst the most observed Indian painters of the twentieth Century.

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Mallika Sarabhai – Indian Classical Dancer

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Mallika Sarabhai is a prominent Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Destined to celebrated artist Mrinalini Sarabhai and the notable space researcher Vikram Sarabhai, Mallika is a lady of numerous measurements and gifts. She has additionally demonstrated her ability in the fields of acting, theater, composing and distributing. As a social dissident she has effectively taken an interest in numerous financial formative tasks started by the United Nations.

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Biography of M.F. Hussain

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Maqbool Fida Husain was a standout amongst the most renowned specialists of India, known everywhere throughout the world for his astounding compositions that he made amid his lifetime. So gigantic is the prominence of his canvases that M. F. Husain was known as the ‘Picasso of India’ by the Forbes magazine. Husain was to a great extent mindful in modernizing Indian craftsmanship as he was a standout amongst the most powerful establishing individuals from Bombay Progressive

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Peculiar Historic Calendars

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Mayan Calendars

The Mayan schedule was really comprised of three distinct timetables: the Long Count, the Tzolkin, and the Haab. The Haab schedule had 365 days, partitioned into 19 months—18 20-day months and a five-day month. The Tzolkin, then again, had 20 “periods,” with 13 days each.

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