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Interesting Facts about Mongolia

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Ice Cream

Mongolia can get entirely cool—sufficiently chilly, truth be told, that the frozen yogurt venders today can cheerfully sell their products straightforwardly from cardboard compartments, with no requirement for a cooler. The story goes that, at some point before Marco Polo came back to Italy with the delicacy, horsemen on a long trip over the Gobi forsake in winter conveyed with them cream, in compartments made of creature digestive tract. (more…)

Mysterious Archaeological Facts from Asia

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The Hanging Pillar Of Lepakshi

India is honored with many captivating and striking sanctuaries. Of the considerable number of sanctuaries in India, the sanctuary at Lepakshi is maybe the most captivating. This religious structure, which was worked amid the sixteenth century, has 69 customary sections and one out-of-this-world column. This remarkable column does not touch the ground but rather swings from the roof.

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Interesting Facts About Alaska

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Mosquitoes are the most despicable aspect of late spring, multiplying in warm places like Florida and Louisiana where there is a lot of dormant water for the parasitic creepy crawlies to breed. Like most bugs, they are inadequately suited for cool climate, yet apparently in resistance of nature these beastlets are known to torment Alaska’s masses.

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Some More Interesting Facts about France

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Popular Tourist Destination

Regardless of a slight decrease in numbers, France still tops the heap with regards to tourism. Shockingly, for a country with such a sentimental picture on different landmasses, 70 percent of tourism is European. This is demonstrative of the high respect in which the country is held by her neighbors. Past the self-evident—Paris, Mont Saint-Michel, Chateau de Chambord, and Carcassonne—France astounds reliably. (more…)

Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia

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Kingdom Tower

The title of “World’s Tallest Building” has a past filled with being energetically looked for. In 2018, that title will have a place with Kingdom Tower, the centerpiece of another city being based on Saudi Arabia’s drift. Kingdom Tower is set to be the principal working to achieve more than a kilometer (3,280 ft) into the air and will incorporate a lodging, observatory, and office space—and additionally a few flats for those looking for a view. (more…)

Weird but Awesome Facts about Hurricanes

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Voodoo Practitioners

Of all the ways that life in New Orleans changed after Hurricane Katrina, one of the greatest and most shocking effects happened in the voodoo group. Prior to the tempest, New Orleans had 3,000 voodoo specialists. After the tempest, that number was the distance down to 300.The individuals who performed voodoo were for the most part low-wage African Americans, the gathering that was hit hardest by the tempest.

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A considerable measure of them were stuck in New Orleans when Katrina hit, so an excessively extensive number of voodoo adherents kicked the bucket amid the storm.Others left the city and basically didn’t return. In the interim, the few who remained were hauled out of their sub-cultural (more…)


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