Some Interesting Facts about North America

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Where is North America located?

North America is the third biggest of the seven landmasses. Together with South America and Oceania, North America makes up the ‘New World’. It is flanked by the Pacific Ocean toward the west and the Atlantic Ocean toward the east.

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Some Interesting Facts about South America

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Where is South America located?

South America is the fourth biggest landmass in size and is situated in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth. It is home to the grand Andes mountain go and the strange Amazon River.

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The Inca estate of Machu Picchu, Peru is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
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Interesting Facts about Gabon

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  • Gabon was the focal point of slave-Trading Movement

The principal dealers from France showed up in Gabon in the sixteenth century, however a French settlement was built up just in 1839. The ascent of enthusiasm with respect to Columbia and Cuba prompted the fast advancement of slave-exchanging exercises, that halted after the nullification of subjugation in France in 1826.

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Interesting Facts about Cyprus

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  • It has been made due with over 10 centuries

Cyprus is a nation with an antiquated history. An intriguing reality about Cyprus is that it has been made due with over 10,000 years. It is additionally considered to have assimilated impact from numerous ages of voyagers, victors and pioneers.

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Interesting Facts About Dominica

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When hearing the word Dominica, numerous individuals begin thinking about the Dominican Republic. Dominica has nothing to do with the Dominican Republic and is a different, free nation.

Immaculate woodlands, magnificent scenes and undertakings one will recollect everlastingly make Dominica one of the top objections to be remembered for an energetic explorer’s rundown. Today, we need to impart to you the realities that may start your enthusiasm for this nation and propel you to visit it.

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Interesting Facts about Lebanon

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  • No other country in the Middle East is as religiously diverse as Lebanon

The Middle East isn’t especially known for its strict assorted variety – it’s a dominatingly Muslim locale. Also, similar to some other in the locale, Lebanon also is a Muslim-dominant part nation. In any case, a noteworthy lump of its populace are Christians, with the extent being more prominent than anyplace else in the Middle East.

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