Some Interesting Facts about North America

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Where is North America located?

North America is the third biggest of the seven landmasses. Together with South America and Oceania, North America makes up the ‘New World’. It is flanked by the Pacific Ocean toward the west and the Atlantic Ocean toward the east.

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Some Interesting Facts about South America

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Where is South America located?

South America is the fourth biggest landmass in size and is situated in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth. It is home to the grand Andes mountain go and the strange Amazon River.

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The Inca estate of Machu Picchu, Peru is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
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Greatest Military Forces In History

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Nordic Housecarls

One of the most significant and urgent pieces of British history is the point at which the Vikings appeared. Following quite a while of sharpening their pillaging abilities and building their own solidified realms in the north, they advanced toward English shores for wealth and conceivable information on what lay further west.

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Connecticut Witch Trials Facts

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Peculiar Town Of Wethersfield

During the mid 1650s, a few people were hanged for as far as anyone knows rehearsing black magic all through Connecticut. The sentenced included John and Joan Carrington (both executed in 1651), Goodwife Bassett and Goodwife Knapp (executed in 1651 and 1653, separately), Lydia Gilbert (executed in 1654), Rebecca and Nathaniel Greensmith, and Mary Sanford and Mary Barnes.

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Golems – Fact or Myth?

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Origin Of The Golem Mythology

For the definition we have quite recently observed, there are numerous antiquated anecdotes about the main golems. These fantasies were conceived in various occasions and in various districts of the world. For instance, the Mayan legend of creation depicts that before the main people, the divine beings made wooden men.

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Some Outrageous Facts about Alaska

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North Pole School

North Pole, Alaska is a little city outside Fairbanks. It flaunts only 2,000 individuals, huge numbers of whom depend on the travel industry to bring home the bacon. While the city is far away from the real North Pole, it has gained by its name, facilitating various Christmas-themed attractions.

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