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Mythological Monsters

The Devil or Satan

source youtube
source youtube

The reason I put the fallen angel on the highest priority on the rundown is on the grounds that his numerous structures have been utilized subsequent to the beginning of time to unnerve youngsters and grown-ups from multiple points of view keep them in line. His structures are found in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Khemet (Ancient Egyptian), Syncreto-Paganism, Neopaganism, and the new age development in Varying degrees of abhorrence. (more…)

Scariest Filipino Monsters


source youtube
source youtube

The aswang is presumably the most widely recognized of Filipino beasts since there are such a variety of various types. When all is said in done, they are shape shifters who are human by day and after that around evening time transform into a puppy, a pig, a bat, feline, snake…  the sort of creature relies on upon the local legend. They break into memorial service homes and take late bodies. They are likewise known to enter homes to drink human blood and can transform individuals into aswang by deceiving the human to (more…)

Ancient and Modern Myth of Psychopomps

Grim Reaper

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

It presumably comes as meager astound that the most obvious spot on the rundown is taken by the Grim Reaper. Spoken to as a skeleton convey a sickle and wearing a dark shroud subsequent to around the fifteenth century, he has turned into the most generally known (and dreaded) of every last one of psychopomps. (more…)

Mythological Creatures Spotted in Real Life

Unicorns – Caithness, Scotland (2012)

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

Scotland’s Northern-most domains have constantly motivated legends and old stories, most going back hundreds and even a large number of years. Be that as it may, as of late as 2012 shocking cases have been made around various unicorns seen in the extensive open fields of the area.

Coming around the same time as the North Korean government openly expressing that a unicorn sanctuary had been uncovered in the nation (make of that what you will), explorers going by the noteworthy Castle of Old Wick made a progression of excited reports to the neighborhood town that they’d run over, and along these lines startled, a unicorn. (more…)

Mythological Lake Creatures

El Cuero

Cuero is Spanish for “calfskin” or “cowhide,” and El Cuero is a mammoth fold of fierce tissue possessing Lago Lacar in the Andes. El Cuero is said to be a substantial canvas secured in dagger like paws or teeth with eye-stalks stretching out from wherever this animal may keep its brain.The Scully clarification is that it’s a mammoth freshwater stingray like the kind that can be found in South Asian streams. (more…)

Various Sorts of Dragons

The Naga

Republic of India

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

Naga is a wingless sort of Indian monster found in Hindu and Buddhist society. Despite the fact that the word Naga is frequently vague the Mahabharata (an epic Sanskrit lyric that is a vital Hindu content) lets us know that the Naga have the qualities of both snakes and people.

In Hinduism, the Naga are depicted in comparative manner to the Chinese group of monsters, being common spirits that are connected with water sources however can likewise be European-style watchmen of enormous fortune. (more…)

Most Bizarre Norse Mythology

The Eight-Legged Horse

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

On the off chance that there was one thing that the Aesir abhorred, it was goliaths. The inclination was common, and it got to be evident that Asgard was under a honest to goodness risk from goliaths who began battles for no specific reason.Shortly after the nine universes were made, the anonymous “expert developer” appeared in Asgard. He declared war, guaranteeing that he would manufacture a goliath evidence divider around Asgard in three years if marriage to Freyja was his primary type of installment.

For reasons unknown, he additionally needed the Sun and the Moon.The divine beings in the long run consented to give the expert manufacturer one and only year to finish the occupation, no help yet that of a workhorse, and Freyja as his just installment. It appeared like an incredible deal on the grounds that the divine beings were (more…)

Hand Guns and Myths about its Domination

There Is A Huge Gun Show Loophole

source youtube
source youtube

A standout amongst the most relentless myths about firearms is the alleged weapon show proviso. By myth, weapon shows are a sort of Wild West in which anybody—even a criminal—can undoubtedly get firearms with no sort of foundation check.In reality, things are more intricate. The dominant part of sellers at firearm shows are authorized weapon merchants. They should submit to the same regulations as other weapon merchants, including running the same FBI personal investigations on buyers. (more…)

Horrifying Deaths in Mythology

Sisyphus And The Boulder

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

Sisyphus was the first lord of Corinth, and he was additionally the most beguiling man who ever lived—to such an extent that the divine beings chose he ought to pass on by being escorted to Tartarus by Hades himself and sentenced to an unfathomable length of time of hard work. Be that as it may, in an offer for flexibility, the guileful Sisyphus deceived Hades into coincidentally securing himself his own particular cuffs, so Sisyphus thought he’d got off sans scot. (more…)

Myths About Dictators

Kim Jong Un Killed His Ex-Girlfriend

source wikipedia
source wikipedia

In 2013, the South Korean daily paper The Chosun Ilbo reported that North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un had appreciated an association with pop artist Hyon Song-wol and after that murdered her when he found that she and different individuals from her band had sold erotic entertainment of themselves and possessed Christian Bibles.The article asserted that “they were executed with assault rifles while key individuals from the Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaesan Light Band, and Moranbong Band and also the groups of the casualties looked on.” The story slanted on The Wire, The Huffington Post, and The Telegraph.

The Daily Dot even transferred a video of three Korean ladies moving to tinny popular music and estimated whether it could be the professedly obscene film.In 2014, the gossipy tidbits got shot down when Hyon showed up in military clothing on the North Korean telecaster KCTV giving a discourse to a get (more…)


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