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Spartacus – The Roman Gladiator

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Mark asked,”What is a combatant?”

Sir Dig-A-Lot started, “A combatant was a swordsman who used to battle in an open field with solidified hoodlums, different warriors or wild culprits as amusement for the group. This was done in antiquated Rome.”

photo via wikipedia
The Death of Spartacus by Hermann Vogel(1882)

The History of Painting

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Presentation of Paint

People have wanted to leave their blemish on the world as painted pictures since ancient times. On the off chance that we take a gander at how workmanship developed throughout the years we can know various things about the individuals that made them and the social orders they lived in. Sooner or later, early man made sense of that by blending shading giving particles known as colors into a medium like water or spit paint could be made!

photo via wikipedia
The oldest known figurative painting is a depiction of a bull discovered in the Lubang Jeriji SalĂ©h cave, painted 40,000 years ago or earlier.

Megalodon: A Prehistoric Shark

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“We generally talk about traditions or recorded saints. We barely talk about the spots, landmarks or creatures that are ancient.” Complained John to his companion Sir Mark.

Sir Mark said “Okay, reasonable enough! We will discuss an ancient creature today. One that is lesser known and wiped out. I am going to tell about the Megalodon.”

photo via wikipedia
The depiction of a shark’s head by 
Nicolas Steno in his work The Head of a Shark Dissected

The First Chemical Explosive

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Jacob was sitting with Mark contemplating the following exercise he should educate Mark. When he at long last idea of a point he said “I have enlightened you concerning war and the superpowers, solid traditions and incredible fights, hazardous weapons and atomic bombs, do you know the historical backdrop of the main substance unstable?”

photo via wikipedia
The invention of gunpowder, anonymous maker, Museum Plantin-Moretus (PK.OPB.0168.004)

White Revolution in India

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What is White Revolution?

White Revolution was one of the greatest dairy advancement developments, by the Indian Government, in India in 1970. It was a stage taken by the Indian Government to create and help the dairy business continue itself monetarily by building up a co-usable, while giving work to the poor ranchers.

photo via wikipedia
Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi hands out documents of ownership of land to new owners, white revolution, land reform, 1963.

The Legend of the Flying Dutchman

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“I need to tune in to a phantom story today around evening time!” requested Mark from Proff J. “I don’t have the foggiest idea about any apparition stories Mark. I am a man of the past” answered Proff J . “Well at that point reveal to me a phantom story from an earlier time” contemplated Mark. Proff J thought for some time and said “Well overall!”. He balanced his glasses and proceeded “I will disclose to you the tale of a phantom ship that sails the oceans till date, the flying Dutchman.”

photo via wikipedia
The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder c. 1887 (Smithsonian American Art Museum)

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