Country Mouse and Town Mouse

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Two little mice were the best of companions. They were additionally first cousins. One of them lived in a town, though the other mouse lived in the nation. Normally, in light of their place of living arrangement their signals and quirks were altogether different from one another. All things considered, they were exceptionally attached to one another.

The nation mouse was moderate and formal in her peculiarities and dressed calmly, while the town mouse strolled quickly and wearing scruffy garments. In any case, their companionship was unaffected by any such contrast. The town mouse was a successive guest to the nation mouse’s home. She lived in a minor house beside a school kitchen.

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The Mischievous Kid

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Numerous years prior, there carried on a kind old writer. He had a lovely house in a little town. One night abruptly a gigantic tempest emerged from no place. Rain drops began streaming from paradise. The old artist, notwithstanding, was unperturbed. He sat discreetly adjacent to the chimney in the solace of his warm front room. The room was loaded up with the fragrance of crisply broiled apples.

“I feel pitiful for the ones who don’t have a rooftop over their head,” the artist thought.

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King Ambarish

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Lord Ambarish was an incredible ruler and a passionate aficionado of Lord Vishnu and used to keep Ekadashi quick consistently. Satisfied by his commitment, Lord Vishnu enabled him to control the Sudarshan Chakra as a prize. Master Indra, ruler of the Devas, became envious of lord Ambarish and felt his position was being compromised. Along these lines, he concocted an arrangement to end King Ambarish’s Ekadashi quick and pulverize him. Master Indra drew nearer Maharishi Durvasa and prompted him against ruler Ambarish.

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The Tortoise And The Hippopotamus

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A long time ago, there was a hippopotamus named Istanim. He was perhaps the greatest creature on the land only beside the elephant and was along these lines thought about the ruler. The hippo had seven fat spouses and adored every one of them beyond all doubt. He regularly composed extravagant blowouts for his kin. In spite of the fact that every one of the individuals of the territory knew the hippo, none other than his seven spouses knew his genuine name.

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