The Diamonds and The Brahmin

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Sometime in the distant past, there carried on a Brahmin in a town. As a general rule, he was a conman. He performed religious ceremonies amid the day time and burglarized clueless explorers amid the night. He used to swindle individuals in different ways and take cash from them. In this way, by participating in a wide range of criminal exercises, he had aggregated much riches.

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The Four Unwise Brahmins

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In a specific town, there lived four Brahmins who had turned out to be incredible companions. They chose to go to Kannauj to seek after their higher examinations under the direction of an educated master. They went to considerable lengths to obtain information yet lamentably, neither did they have legitimate reasoning, nor would they be able to comprehend the genuine profound significance of the antiquated truisms.

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The Monkey Chief and the King

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Quite a long time ago, there was a lord named Chandra. He lived in a delightful royal residence encompassed by a gigantic garden. Numerous winged animals used to live in this garden. A gathering of monkeys had additionally made their home in the trees of this garden.

The ruler had additionally kept a goat in the castle which his children used to play with. This goat was an epicurean and used to get into the kitchen to discover nourishment at whatever point he found the opportunity. The cooks of the castle were exceptionally aggravated with the goat due to this reason. At whatever point they got the goat inside the kitchen, they used to beat him with seething sticks to pursue him out.

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The Lion and the Bullock

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Once, a town trader named Vardhmanaka was going to Mathura on his bullock truck. His two bullocks, Sanjeevaka and Nandaka, who had dependably served him loyally, were pulling the truck.

As they were strolling along the bank of stream the Yamuna, Sanjeevaka out of the blue ventured into a mucky territory and stalled out. He endeavored to escape the bog energetically. The dealer additionally attempted to get Sanjeevaka out of the bog, yet nothing worked. At last, Vardhmanaka was left with no decision yet to leave Sanjeevaka there and go on with his voyage.

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