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The Soup of the Soup – Mulla Nasruddin Story

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The popularity of Mullah Nasruddin had spread far and wide and individuals were quick to meet him. One such individual chose to visit him, conveying a major crate of crisp vegetables from his ranch as a blessing.

Satisfied by the regard appeared to him and the liberality of his guest, Mullah requested that he feast at home and welcomed him to remain as a visitor for the evening.

source youtube

The Weight Lifter – Tenali Raman Story

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At some point, Tenali Raman and his significant other were en route to Hampi. They halted at a town while in transit to rest and drink water and found the whole town had assembled to watch a weightlifter who was putting on an exhibition. With his huge arms and swelling muscles, he got a 200 kg pack of rice easily.

Tenali was dazzled and shouted, “You are solid! Look how effectively you lifted that sack! Be that as it may, I can hold up something heavier! I will convey this slope on my uncovered shoulders!”

source youtube

A Smart Goat and the Wolf

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Quite a long time ago, many wild goats lived in a give in arranged upon a slope. A wolf additionally lived with his better half in another give in adjacent. Much the same as the various wolves, the wolf couple likewise enjoyed the essence of goat-meat. So they got the goats, in a steady progression, and ate them all. Be that as it may, there was one shrewd goat who dependably figured out how to defeat the wolf couple. Regardless of how hard the wolf couple attempted to get the astute goat, she by one means or another dependably defeated them.

source youtube


The Turtle and Anansi

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Once, there carried on a creepy crawly called Anansi. He was an extremely covetous creepy crawly and disliked imparting any of his things to others. One day, he gathered some dazzling yams from his garden and cooked them with most extreme care. The delightful possess a scent reminiscent of the yams made Anansi hungrier. He some way or another figured out how to hold up till noon.

Similarly as he sat down to expend his delectable feast, he heard a thump at his entryway. Anansi was disturbed and opened the entryway briskly. It was the turtle remaining at the entryway. He has been going for quite a while and looked exceptionally worn out and hungry.

“Hi Anansi, What are you cooking? I can notice something extremely heavenly,” the turtle said.

source youtube


The Three Emotional Queens

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Vikram backpedaled to the tree and mounted Betaal on his shoulders once more. Betaal began revealing to him another story.

The story went this way: King Jaipal had three rulers. Each of them was extremely excellent, touchy, and fragile.

source youtube


The Monkeys and the Weaver Birds

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On the banks of the waterway Godavari, there stood an enormous tree. Some weaver winged animals had manufactured their homes on this tree and were living there cheerfully.

One day, amid the blustery season, when the sky was cloudy with dull mists, it began raining vigorously.

source youtube


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