The Jinx – Tenali Raman Story

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Tenali Raman was a pastor in the court of Krishnadevaraya, the leader of Vijayanar. He was a to a great degree flexible identity. The whole kingdom dependably hummed with the news of his accounts and pragmatic jokes.

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People’s Judgement – Mulla Nasruddin

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At some point, Mullah Nasruddin and his child were venturing out to the following town. Nasruddin liked to walk while his child rode the jackass. In transit, they passed a gathering of observers, and a man commented, “Look, that narrow minded kid is riding on a jackass while his poor old dad is compelled to stroll close by. That is so discourteous. What an appalling and ruined kid!”

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Why Camel’s Crooked Neck – Akbar Birbal

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Sovereign Akbar was tremendously awed with Birbal’s shrewdness and extraordinarily made the most of his brisk mind. One fine day, the Emperor got astoundingly satisfied by Birbal and guaranteed to remunerate him with numerous costly endowments. Be that as it may, a few days passed but the Emperor did not offer anything to Birbal. Birbal was disillusioned with the lord for not staying faithful to his commitment.

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Princess Chandralekha

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King Vikram was given the obligation of conveying Betal to a tantric. Betal generally signifies ‘fiendish soul’. Each time Vikram endeavored to catch Betal, it revealed to him a story that finished with an enigma. On the off chance that Vikram couldn’t address the inquiry effectively, Betal consented to stay in bondage. Be that as it may, if the king knew the appropriate response and still stayed silent, his head would blast into a thousand pieces. Furthermore, if King Vikram spoke, Betal would escape and come back to his tree.

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