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Abandoned Towns Around the Globe

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Bodie, California

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Bodie is apparently the most prevalent phantom town in the United States. The California town was at one time a flourishing gold mining range with more than 10,000 inhabitants. The town is named after William Bodey, the man who found little measures of gold in the slopes close Mono Lake. Individuals began running to the town a while later, and it was blasting by the la (more…)

Cities Lost in Time Recently Discovered

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7500 BC (India)

As a major aspect of a review directed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology to search for the levels of contamination in the water in and around the Gulf of Cambay, off the western shoreline of India, oceanographers went over a mind blowing revelation. By utilizing sidescan sonar, which sends a light emission to the base, they could see gigantic geometrical structures about 120 feet underneath the waves. In light of solid side streams and tear tides, it was unimaginably hard for scuba jumpers to go down there and gather tests in security.

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Interesting Foods from Ancient Times

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Getting its name from the Sanskrit word for “drain” (ksheer) and the Persian word for “sweet” (qand), shrikhand is a treat produced using aged drain. The correct inceptions are lost to history, yet convention says it emerged in old western India.Traveling herders were said to have hung either curd or yogurt overnight, thickening it in the process. (more…)

Unknown Underwater Cities

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Crete is an island off the bank of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, and the antiquated topography of Crete was considerably bigger than its present-day partner. Because of the disintegration of the ocean, areas of the island have dove into the ocean, and Crete has turned into a genuinely extensive traveler goal for review the submerged remains of urban communities and structures.

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Some Interesting Info on Halloween

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History behind Halloween

Halloween is otherwise called All Hallows’ Eve. Pope Gregory III, in the eighth century, doled out November first as a day to respect all holy people and saints. This day was announced as an occasion and named as All Saints Day. The day preceding All Saints Day was known as Hallows’ Eve and later came to be known as Halloween.

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Interesting But Disproved Theories

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A pseudoscientific hypothesis offering various plans to phrenology, physiognomy was the conviction that mental attributes are fixing to one’s appearance, particularly inside the facial highlights. The considerable mathematician Pythagoras is regularly observed as one of the main advocates of this hypothesis, as he was said to have rejected understudies on the off chance that they didn’t look sufficiently skilled.

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