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Padmavati Trailer – Dec 1st 2017

Firangi Trailer – Dec 1st 2017

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Unknown Underwater Cities

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Crete is an island off the bank of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, and the antiquated topography of Crete was considerably bigger than its present-day partner. Because of the disintegration of the ocean, areas of the island have dove into the ocean, and Crete has turned into a genuinely extensive traveler goal for review the submerged remains of urban communities and structures.

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The Cat Who Served The Lion

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Quite a while ago, a big and strong lion lived in a cave. One day, as he was dozing gently in his buckle, a little mouse moved upon him and began alarming him. The lion got up in outrage and endeavored to murder the mouse. Be that as it may, the mouse was exceptionally quick and deft. Each time the lion jumped on him, he disappeared from his hooks and concealed himself in a little gap. (more…)

Some Interesting Info on Halloween

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History behind Halloween

Halloween is otherwise called All Hallows’ Eve. Pope Gregory III, in the eighth century, doled out November first as a day to respect all holy people and saints. This day was announced as an occasion and named as All Saints Day. The day preceding All Saints Day was known as Hallows’ Eve and later came to be known as Halloween.

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Interesting But Disproved Theories

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A pseudoscientific hypothesis offering various plans to phrenology, physiognomy was the conviction that mental attributes are fixing to one’s appearance, particularly inside the facial highlights. The considerable mathematician Pythagoras is regularly observed as one of the main advocates of this hypothesis, as he was said to have rejected understudies on the off chance that they didn’t look sufficiently skilled.

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Forgotten Islands Lost in Time

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Lohachara Island

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One of the all the more as of late submerged islands on the rundown, Lohachara was at long last lost in 2006—the primary occupied island to be submerged because of environmental change. Situated in India’s Sundarbans, where the streams Brahmaputra and Ganges discharge their substance into the Bay of Bengal, the island was once possessed by upwards of 10,000 individuals. As it bit by bit sunk into the ocean, the greater part of the occupants fled to the neighboring Sagar Island, which is presently additionally bit by bit being lost to the sea.The island’s subsidence crushed many ruined inhabitants. (more…)

Deadly Places Around the Globe

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Chernobyl Zone Of Alienation, Ukraine

One of the most noticeably bad atomic debacles ever happened at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. On account of a late-night well-being test, the shutoff of crisis security frameworks, and a preventable steam blast and graphite terminate, atomic aftermath hastened over a great part of the western USSR and parts of Europe.

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