Subba Sastry and Sugar: Tenali Raman Story

Once, there carried on a man who was extremely rich however was a penny pincher. He had a lot of cash yet he didn’t care to spend it on anybody. One day, he was exceptionally dismal on the grounds that ants had entered his bowl of sugar. Along these lines, he considered drying the sugar in the sun to drive the ants out. He set the sugar in a load on a huge bit of paper and kept it out in the sun. In any case, he was concerned that his companion, Subba Sastry may come and eat the sugar so he sat and kept watch alongside it. Continue reading “Subba Sastry and Sugar: Tenali Raman Story”

Beautiful Explanation by Birbal

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One day, Emperor Akbar saw a lady embracing and kissing an exceptionally dim, appalling and ugly youngster. Despite the fact that the tyke was unsavory to take a gander at, the lady was calling him the most alluring youngster on the planet. This shocked the Emperor and he said to Birbal, “Birbal, I think about how could a lady shower her adoration on such an ugly youngster.” Birbal answered considerately, “Huzoor, he more likely than not been the lady’s own kid. For each mother, her own kid is the most wonderful youngster on the planet.” Continue reading “Beautiful Explanation by Birbal”

Legs of the Cat

There once lived four dealers, who mutually claimed a major shop of grains. After a seemingly endless amount of time, their business prospered and they made a significant benefit. Until one season, a few rats took shelter in the shop. They are rampaged the storeroom, annihilating very nearly a fourth of the grains.

The four dealers were concerned. “This is a catastrophe!” said one of them. “We should take care of these rats.” “How about we purchase a feline and keep it rabbit in our shop,” recommended the other. “Smart thought! concurred the other three accomplices. Along these lines, they purchased a feline.

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A Dream of The King

Quite a long time ago there was a Raja who had no youngsters. So he and his better half concurred that he ought to wed once more. His second spouse bore him two children, and they were exceptionally satisfied that the Raja ought to have beneficiaries and all lived cheerfully together. Be that as it may, after the two children had been conceived, the senior Rani likewise brought forth a child.

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The Great Pundit – Tenali Raman Story

Quite a long time ago, an incredible intellectual from an outside land went to King Krishna Deva Raya’s court and guaranteed that he knew about all subjects and was an ace of the considerable number of fields.

He tested all the savvy clergymen at the King’s court and said that he will overcome them in contentions. The King acknowledged his test. The savant then began contending with the educated men of the kingdom on different subjects. Every one of the pastors were bombing seriously. At that point, the King chose to summon his savvies serve, Tenali Raman.

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The Price of Recklessness

Ujjwalaka was a cart producer, who was exceptionally poor because of absence of requests for cart making.

One day, he was tired of his poor condition, and thought, “I grieve in this neediness, when all other individuals have some work or the other that pays them. I don’t have an appropriate home, or legitimate garments, or legitimate nourishment. There is no reason for remaining here; I might go elsewhere to look for achievement.”



In this way, the cart producer took his family and left the town. As he was experiencing the wilderness, he saw a female camel in torment.

He saw that the female camel was abandoned by a troop because of her work torments. He gave her water, and grass and she recouped. She additionally brought forth an infant camel.

Next morning, he took the camel and the child camel under his support, and took them to his home. This turned into the new home for the camels. Continue reading “The Price of Recklessness”

Last Wish of A Royal Mother: Tenali Raman Story

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Long back, it was Krishnadeva Rai’s mom’s passing commemoration and he chose to accomplish something uncommon for his perished mother. He called the go to talk about what should be possible to pay praise to the withdrew soul.

The head cleric thought it to be an awesome chance to gain cash. He got some information about the lord’s mom’s last wish. The lord said that his mom used to love the mango natural product a considerable measure and on her last day also, she needed to eat a mango. Be that as it may, when the organic products contacted her, she had passed away. Continue reading “Last Wish of A Royal Mother: Tenali Raman Story”

The Pot of Wisdom

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Once the Empress pressurized the Emperor to select her sibling, Gulam Sheik as the ‘Wasir’. Capitulated to her weight, the Emperor expelled Birbal from the “Wasir”s” post and selected Gulam Sheik in his place.

The lord of Iran dependably begrudged the colossal Emperor Akbar, whose court was studded with superb diamonds. The ruler of Iran knew it extremely well that Birbal was unparallel to his brightness. At the point when the Iranish Emperor got the news of Birbal’s expulsion from the “Wasir”s” post, he without a moment’s delay sent an emissary with a message. The messager was likewise conveying a couple pots with him. Continue reading “The Pot of Wisdom”

Ram Krishna – Vikram Betaal Story

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Long prior there lived two siblings in an island. They were very clever. One was Rama and other Krishna. Wherever they go they were going together. When they went to a major town on business. They buckled down and earned more cash. While returning they took shield under the shade of a tree in a woodland. They ate well. At that point they began tallying cash they earned. There came a young ladies sobbing. Rama approached her the purpose behind crying. Continue reading “Ram Krishna – Vikram Betaal Story”

The Exact Portrait – Akbar Birbal Story

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One day Birbal saw the court’s craftsman very stressed. Birbal by and by knew the craftsman. He was a modest honorable man. Birbal enquired with the craftsman. “You are looking miserable. What’s the cause?”

The craftsman said, “Sir, I’m truly stressed. One major specialist is subsequent to demolishing my notoriety, which I have earned till now.” “What has happened?” enquired Birbal.

“Huzoor, one day I met the representative in some gathering. There he was testing that no craftsman could depict him splendidly. Listening to this, I acknowledged his test and repaired the time with him for drawing his representation. A couple days last when I completed the Continue reading “The Exact Portrait – Akbar Birbal Story”