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Parshurama – Indian Folk Tales

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Parshurama is the 6th symbol of Lord Vishnu. His dad was an extraordinary sage. Truth be told, he was one of the seven Maharishis. His name was Jamadagni. Parshurama’s mom was a Kshatriya princess, Renuka. He had four siblings, and was the most youthful of the majority of his siblings was named Rama. Rama had characteristics of both a Brahmin and a Kshatriya. He was a furious warrior and a fervent aficionado of Lord Shiva. He is known as the main Brahmkshatriya. Through his dedication to Lord Shiva, he was effective in getting a parshu (a weapon) as an aid. Also, subsequently he was named Parashurama signifying ‘Rama with parshu.’

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Birbal the Child – Akbar Birbal Story

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Akbar went to the court to go to a capacity and Birbal was absent.

Akbar asked, “where is Birbal?”

“He has not come yet, Huzoor.” said a retainer.

“Not yet?” said Akbar.

Following couple of minutes Birbal landed at the court and apologized for being late. (more…)

The Bad Company of A Lion

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One day, a youthful lion was meandering around in the wilderness alone when he recognized a scalawag. The wolf likewise observed the lion and expected that in the event that he attempted to flee, the lion would unquestionably murder him. In this way, he himself strolled up to the lion and stated, “Dear Sir, you look exceptionally kind! In the event that you take me to your nook, and let me live with your family, I will help you in doing your family tasks.” He included, “I have never observed such a superb youthful lion ever before in my life and it would be a delight to serve you and your family.”

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The True Reward: A Vikram Betaal Story

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King Vikram was on his main goal to get Betaal for the savvy looking for mysterious forces. It was a dim moonless night and it was raining irregularly. The main wellspring of light was sporadic flashes of lightning. Making the environment more creepy, were the wails of jackals. King Vikram was unaware of his environment and concentrated just on his point of doing the savvy’s desire. He mounted Betaal on his shoulders and began strolling towards the incineration ground, where the sage was sitting tight for him. When ruler Vikram ventured out, began another of his stories. (more…)

A Tale of Two Friends: Dharambuddhi and Paapbuddhi

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When, two companions called Dharambuddhi and Paapbuddhi lived in a town. Dharambuddhi was a shrewd and well off man while Paapbuddhi was a shrewdness kindred who was not happy with his riches. He needed to profit. He made a cunning arrangement of winning much riches, with Dharambuddhi’s assistance.

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Thousand Gold Coins: Tenali Raman Story

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Quite a while back, there carried on a delightful lady called Vidyullatha in Vijayanagar. She was a scholarly woman who was expert in all classifications of expressive arts.

One day, in view of her pride and pomposity about her capacities, she put an accumulating outside her home that stated, “A reward of one thousand gold coins would be displayed to the individuals who might have the capacity to overcome me in silliness, mind and information of old writings.”

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