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Birth of the Dragon Trailer – Aug 25th 2017

Birth of the Dragon Trailer 2 – Aug 25th 2017

Leap! Trailer – Aug 25th 2017

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz Trailer – Aug 25th 2017

A Gentleman Trailer – Aug 25th 2017

Cult Movies with Unexpected Endings

The Terminator

The Terminator is the first of a few motion pictures and a TV arrangement in the establishment. It is about the Terminator, a time-traveling cyborg code-named T-800 which is sent from the future to the year 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. She is the mother of John Connor, the pioneer of the Resistance against the machine end times occurring in 2029.The Terminator is trailed by some other time traveler, a human named Kyle Reese, who is sent by John Connor to save his mom. (more…)

All Time Favorite Thriller Movies


Christopher Nolan’s Earth-shatteringly unique science fiction takes after the endeavors of Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) to see his youngsters once more. Cobb is a fantasy infiltrator, utilizing restrictive military innovation to enter individuals’ fantasies for the motivations behind corporate reconnaissance, and this occupation has Japanese businessperson Saito (Ken Watanabe) requesting that he impact an adversary agent (Cillian Murphy) to separate his organization in the wake of his dad’s demise. (more…)

Hollywood Stars Who Once Were Homeless

source wikipedia

Charlie Chaplin

In 1899, when he was 10 years of age, Charlie Chaplin and his sibling Sydney were compelled to gain their own particular living. Their dad, on-screen character Charles Sr., had kicked the bucket, and their mom, artist and comedienne Hannah, was regulated for mental illness. (more…)

Movie Sequels to be Released in 2018

Goosebumps: Horrorland

2015’s Goosebumps adjustment wasn’t awe-inspiring, however it was strong, presenting a lot of different animal activity and another fun execution by the ever-agreeable Jack Black.


Spider Man Movies – Best to Worst

Spider-Man: Homecoming

On the off chance that Sony and Marvel’s plan can be measured just as far as making a Spider-Man film like nothing we’d seen some time recently, they succeeded. They conveyed on the guarantee to make a John Hughes-enlivened secondary school motion picture that additionally happened to be a hero film; they figured out how to utilize Tony Stark in a savvy, non-negative way; and they offered a Peter Parker who based on the fantastic guarantee of his introduction in Civil War. (more…)

Dissappointing Movie Sequels

The Terminator

Stan Winston once commented that he’d chipped away at motion pictures with preferable impacts over The Terminator, yet he’d never taken a shot at a motion picture with as great a story. That basically entireties up James Cameron’s $6 million film, yet in the event that you need to see a similar story mounted a $100 million spending plan, at that point Judgment Day is for you. Simply don’t expect an excessive number of contrasts.


Highest Grossing Movies of 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

Following ten years, you realize what’s in store from the Transformers establishment; boisterous commotions, immense plotting, wooden acting, glaring item position and monstrous scale activity groupings. The Last Knight conveys the greater part of this in spades, with the final product being a reasonable flag that the arrangement is drifting on exhaust. (more…)

Re-watchable Movie from the 90’s

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day was, at the time, the ideal continuation.

The second passage in the now-worn out establishment had everything – earth shattering embellishments, quotable catchphrases, epic activity set-pieces and astounding emotion. With a few motion pictures on this rundown, it’s hard to pinpoint precisely why they hold up after such a variety of rehash playbacks, yet with Terminator 2 it’s no riddle. (more…)

Worst Movies of 2017

The Great Wall

US Box Office: $45,157,105

In some other year a motion picture about a hired soldier who battles beasts on the Great Wall of China would surprise multiplexes, however 2017 is an incredibly odd time and The Great Wall bumbles the ball one time beyond any reasonable amount to assert the top spot.

Running about over two hours, the motion picture was much too long to sit through in the silver screen, however at any rate on DVD you (more…)

Some Interesting Facts about Psycho

The Shower Scene

Everyone can perceive this scene the moment they see it, joined by Bernard Herrmann’s apropos named track “Shouting Violins”. It is a typical story that Hitchcock had the water turn super cold so that Janet Leigh could shout, however this is false. The scene took seven days to finish so the creation put forth an admirable attempt to keep the water warm for her solace. Hitchcock additionally needed the scene to be joined by a creepy hush, yet Herrmann felt free to formed a score at any rate. Gratefully, Hitchcock enjoyed it and place it in. At last, the scene contains 70 cuts and keeps going only 45 seconds.



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