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Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi – Jan 25th 2019

Thackeray Trailer – Jan 25th 2019

The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer – Jan 25th 2019

Serenity Trailer – Jan 25th 2019

Serenity Trailer 2 – Jan 25th 2019

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Trailer – Feb 1st 2019

“More” Worst Movies of 2018

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Some of the time, changes are out and out perplexing. You can comprehend when studios change things that would be clear cash spinners or which could profit by refreshed film-production innovation or just to right some wrong in the main endeavor. Or on the other hand possibly – like A Star Is Born – the story just merits a different take.

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Worst Movies of 2018

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Life Of The Party

Around the same time that she made the very superb Can You Ever Forgive Me? Melissa McCarthy demonstrated her tragic opposite favor this dreary transitioning parody. To be reasonable for her, it was composed and coordinated by her better half Ben Falcone, so you can kind of pardon her for taking it on, yet it’s still inexcusably tasteless and inquisitively mirthless.


More Best 2018 Movies So Far

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Bad Times At The El Royale

No executive as of late has diverted Quentin Tarantino as effectively as essayist chief Drew Goddard did with this driven group riddle spine chiller.


Best 2018 Movies So Far

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Incredibles 2

In the event that Incredibles 2 didn’t exactly meet the brightness of its notorious antecedent, Brad Bird by and by dodged the vast majority of the tardy continuation traps, giving fans one of the year’s most outwardly dazzling and instinctively energizing enlivened contributions.


Some of the Best Comedy Movies of All Times

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Notting Hill

It may appear to be crazy to numerous individuals perusing this rundown that Notting Hill, featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, has been conceded a place, given this as a matter of fact tasteless and to some degree clearly nostalgic motion picture has a considerable amount of depreciators. Be that as it may, consider for a second that Notting Hill, in spite of its blemishes, is so keenly composed, and that not very many motion pictures – parody or something else – stick to such an easily engaging and perpetually rewatchable first hour than this one.


2018 Worst Horror Movies

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Helen Mirren’s invasion into the universe of loathsomeness for an exemplary phantom story isn’t one worth recollecting. Focussing on the fascinating genuine story of Sarah Winchester, Mirren plays the peculiar widow who lives in the steady remodel of her Victorian chateau trying to pacify spirits that frequent her family.


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