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Mary Poppins Returns – Dec 19th 2018

Zero Trailer – Dec 21st 2018

Aquaman Trailer – Dec 21st 2018

Bumblebee Trailer – Dec 21st 2018

Holmes and Watson – Dec 21st 2018

Escape Room Trailer – Jan 4th 2019

Some Great Actor Transformations for Movies

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Christian Bale
The Machinist

On-screen characters are continually going over the best to ensure they fit the job effectively, however Christian Bale is apparently extraordinary compared to other performing artists at doing as such.


Interesting Sci-Fi Movies

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After she automatically ingests an intellectual enhancer medicate, a lady’s psychological capacities extend past human limit in this active tale about potential and learning.


‘More’ Finest Horror Movies from the 80’s

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The Shining

What can be said in regards to Stanley Kubrick’s ghastliness great The Shining which hasn’t just been said? A large number of pages of feedback have been written for his adjustment of Stephen King’s epic, and it is properly recollected today as one of the best blood and gore flicks ever.


Finest Horror Movies from the 80’s

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The Return Of The Living Dead

With Dan O’Bannon filling in as author and chief for The Return Of The Living Dead, enthusiasts of ghastliness knew they were in safe hands. O’Bannon’s reputation before its discharge in 1985 included embellishments chip away at Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unreleased adaptation of Dune and in addition composing the screenplay for Ridley Scott’s Alien.


Best Villains from Horror Movies

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Hannibal Lecter

Silence Of The Lambs

While Silence of the Lambs itself can be contended as veering more into spine chiller region, Jonathan Demme’s dark dash of ghastliness going through the center is difficult to overlook; unmistakable in Buffalo Bill’s ventures, the ceaseless agitating visuals, and obviously – in Hannibal Lecter himself.


Interesting Facts about Leatherface

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Jason Voorhees

Six on-screen characters have played the grown-up Leatherface throughout the years, however the late Gunnar Hansen from the first film is by a long shot the fan-top choice.


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