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Abominable Trailer – Sept 27th 2019

Judy Trailer – Sept 27th 2019

Gemini Man Trailer – Oct 11th 2019

The Addams Family Trailer – Oct 11th 2019

The Sky Is Pink Trailer – Oct 11th 2019

Best 2019 Movies

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

Following up Avengers: Endgame was continually going to be a tremendous undertaking, yet Spider-Man: Far From Home settled on the right choice to go littler, and convey an increasingly close to home hero story where the whole destiny of the universe wasn’t remaining in a precarious situation.

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Worst 2019 Movies

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Hellboy had such a great amount of potential to be something extraordinary, with its outstanding showcasing and grouchy publications promising an exceptional comic-book film – which is the reason it was so baffling when it ended up being deadened, by-the-numbers junk.


Some Interesting Facts that are Wrong

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Folding Paper

False Fact: You can’t overlap a bit of paper down the middle more than 7 times

This is one we as a whole hear routinely – and we trust it since it is genuine when we attempted it. Be that as it may, in 2002 a US secondary school understudy Britney Gallivan refuted it by collapsing a bit of slender gold leaf in excess of multiple times with the utilization of tweezers.

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Best Movie Serial Killers of All Time

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Jigsaw – SAW

It’s most likely reasonable for state that Jigsaw’s own Billy the Puppet is presumably up for a reasonable consideration on the creepiest dolls with sickening dread films, he is just bested by his lord, Jigsaw.


Most Disappointing Movies of 2019

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What It Promised

After the virtuoso snare toward the finish of Split, the welcome from N Night Shyamalan to return and return to his best work to date, in Unbreakable, for the last motion picture in his Mr Glass set of three seemed as though it could be one of 2019’s soonest triumphs.


Some Insane Psychological Thrillers of All Times

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Fight Club

The name David Fincher is, partially, synonymous with the thrill ride. The Directoris in charge of a significant number of the most commended instances of the arrangement: Seven, Zodiac, Gone Girl.


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