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Unsolved Murder Mysteries from the Past

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Spinster Murder

The instance of Oscar Slater is recognized as a standout amongst the most notorious premature deliveries of equity. A Jewish foreigner from Germany with a criminal record, Slater was sentenced the 1908 murder of well off 83-year old maid Marion Gilchrist in Glasgow. His unique capital punishment was driven to life in jail, and Slater served 19 years before being released.

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Ancient Malta Enigma

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Giants Temple

Malta’s stone monuments are more seasoned than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. These supersized sanctuaries date to in the vicinity of 5500 and 2500 BC. The date of the structures was derived through radiocarbon dating of human remains and stoneware found in the region.

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Mysterious Objects In Forests Around the Globe

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Mysterious Pillars

History specialist Louis Serna saw a luxurious stone column in an inn campaign in 2013. Interested by the images cut on it, Serna attempted to discover more about the column from the inn representatives. Subsequent to being informed that it was just a trail marker, Serna acknowledged he would need to get into contact with the first proprietor of the inn if he somehow managed to get solid data. He was correct.

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I Hear The Voices

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By Annonymous:

As of late, a remark from a story I composed motivated me to considering. A few people have said the encounters myself and my little girl had may be the two of us, and that motivated me to pondering an affair I have had as far back as I have been a preteen. I think I was 11 or 12 when this began, and during the evening I hear voices. I generally can’t make out individual voices or words. Now and again I have gotten a word or an expression. I even had this occur in a healing center after I conveyed my young ladies. I had a few “guests,” however that is its own story. I figured it may have been the painkiller they gave me (needed to have a c-segment), yet I never responded to it.

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Obscure Skeletons Found Around The Castles

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Sverresborg Castle

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Frightening Tales of Creepy Dolls

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In 2016, 33-year-old Natalie Mellon from Glasgow was given a 100-year-old doll that her dad in-law’s companion found in his storage room. Mellon cherishes collectibles, and despite the fact that she found the doll marginally frightening, regardless she adored it and chose to call it Annabelle as a joke.

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