Ghostly Encounters Around the Globe

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Creepy Kids

In Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa, stands the now-forsaken shell of what used to be Kempton Park Hospital (later known as Kyalami Hospital). For reasons still indistinct, the emergency clinic was totally deserted and closed down on Boxing Day 1996. Every single patient document and clinical hardware were left inside the medical clinic where they can in any case be discovered today.

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Grim Ghost Tales of the Antiquated World

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Assyrian Exorcisms

Notwithstanding the half-human, half-extraordinary creatures that were thought to sneak through Assyrian homes, it was accepted that any individual who hadn’t been respected with an appropriate internment would come back to frequent the living as an apparition. Taking a gander at the unburied, ill-equipped carcass of a dead man could permit the soul to enter the body of a living individual, yet they were similarly irksome when they were frequenting the living in their spooky structure.

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Deserted Amusement Parks Around the Globe

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Gulliver’s Kingdom

Japan is known for making them intrigue thoughts with regards to parks and engineering, and one of their generally fascinating, and biggest disappointments, was Gulliver’s Kingdom, situated at the base of Mount Fuji.The amusement park, in view of the Jonathan Swift book, cost $350 million to assemble and highlighted a forty-five meter long statue of Gulliver himself, with the fundamental fascination being a toboggan ride, making it not actually your run of the mill entertainment park.

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Unexplained Shipwrecks in History

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The Waratah

The SS Waratah was a propelled traveler liner that was worked in Glasgow. Proposed to ship individuals between the UK and Australia, it was relied upon to be a strong and sturdy oceangoing vessel. In any case, it originally raised worries during its test voyages, when the skipper whined that it at times felt top-substantial and attempted to move.

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Postcard of SS Waratah
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