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Mysterious Artifacts Made of Ivory

photo via wikipedia

Illyrian Ivory Tablets

In 1979, an Albanian excavator found five 1,800-year-old ivory tablets amid unearthings of Durres. Fatos Tartari found the wax-covered tablets inside a glass urn, which was additionally loaded with two styluses, a midnight brush, and dark liquid.The urn was in a highborn lady’s tomb. The obscure fluid safeguarded the ivory tablets.

Something else, wax normally disengages and breaks down when it loses moisture.A group of German and Albanian researchers have as of late deciphered the engravings, which shed (more…)

Mummified Bodies of Popular Personalities


Juanita (“The Ice Maiden”) was found on the summit of Mount Ampato, Peru, on September eighth, 1995. She was 12–14 when yielded 500 years back – an amazing privilege for an Incan – they trusted the Ampato God provided water and withheld torrential slides as a byproduct of human penances. A young lady, kid and the skeleton of a lady were found in later endeavors, as were things left as offerings to the divine beings.

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Peculiar Witch Burials

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Last Scottish Witch Grave

In 2014, archaeologists found what they accept is the last resting spot of Scotland’s keep going witch on a Torryburn shoreline. In the mid 1700s, Lilias Adie was blamed for conveying sick wellbeing to her neighbors. She was captured and admitted to being a witch. She uncovered that she acknowledged the Devil as her darling and ace. (more…)

Walk In The Woods

source youtube

By Annonymous

When I purchased this property two or three years back, one of the primary offering focuses was the forested areas. Between the house and the street are lines and columns of red pine, approximately five sections of land and standing perhaps thirty five to forty feet tall. Strolling through these woods emits a creepy feeling however charming still. The ground secured by numerous thick needles emitting a spring step when trekking through. Behind the house is to a greater extent a wild side scene with a wide range of trees, a spring and a winding way that is sufficiently wide for a little utility vehicle. (more…)

Haunted Villages Around the Globe

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Kuldhara in India used to be occupied by the Paliwal Brahmins until every one of them surrendered the town overnight in 1825. The story goes that a diwan experienced passionate feelings for the little girl of the town chieftain and undermined the Paliwal Brahmins with extreme duties on the off chance that they didn’t hand the young lady over to him. (more…)

Brutal Serial Killers From History

photo via wikipedia

Peter Stumpp
France, 1564–1589

Despite the fact that the strategy for separating his admission was flawed, Peter Stumpp admitted to rehearsing dark enchantment from age 12. He likewise admitted to executing 14 youngsters and two pregnant ladies and having a belt that could transform him into a wolf.

Stumpp was feeling the loss of his left hand, which was thought to be an indication that he was a werewolf. His whole family was blamed for having forbidden associations with each other and different evil spirits sent by Satan.Sentenced to death, Stumpp was attached to a huge wagon wheel on Halloween. (more…)

Pink Haunted House

By: Annonymous


The little pink frequented house was the place my closest companion, L, lived amid secondary school. Their family got some land 30 minutes outside of a “major” town in South Dakota. They purchased numerous sections of land of land and on the land stood the little pink frequented house. They were building a major house on the inverse side of their territory however chose to live in the little pink house to spare cash while the huge house was being developed. Despite the fact that, L, her mom (D) , and her more youthful sister (M) knew the little pink house was spooky.

source youtube


Haunted Cities Around the Globe

Dublin, Ireland

source youtube

Dublin is another old city in which secrets and spooky spots flourish. Not just is Connolly Station professedly frequented by a ghost, however Dublin has the popular Hellfire Club also. Initially planned as a chasing lodge for the rich, gossipy tidbits about dark masses and creature yields soon spread.

The skeleton of a smaller person was likewise found in a shallow grave simply outside the club. Kavanagh’s Pub, only by Glasnevin Cemetery, is gone to by the apparition of an old (more…)

The Statue of a Clown

source youtube

A high school young lady had been contracted to keep an eye on a family in a neighboring town.The family was affluent and the house was vast. She was to care for two youthful youngsters while their folks went out to praise their commemoration. Prior to the guardians left they gave the young lady their portable number in the event of any crises. They additionally exhorted that she ought to keep the kids out of their gathering room, which they said was loaded with different statues of significance to them. (more…)

Obscure Skeletons Discovered in Castles

Aberystwyth Castle

photo via wikipedia

While exhuming Aberystwyth Castle on the shore of Wales, archaeologists discovered human stays covered suspiciously. It was not a customary entombment, since the skeleton was found under the floor of the château. The reason for death is still a puzzle, yet it creates the impression that the skeleton had a place with a young fellow who passed on around the season of the English Civil War. (more…)


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