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Popular Spies of All Times

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Aldrich Ames Born: 1941

Ames is a previous CIA Counter-insight Officer who was sentenced for spying for the Soviet Union in 1994. On his first task as a case official, he was positioned in Ankara, Turkey, where his activity was to target Soviet knowledge officials for enrollment. Because of budgetary issues in his own life because of liquor misuse and high spending, Ames started spying for the Soviet Union in 1985, when he strolled into the Soviet Embassy in Washington to offer insider facts for money.

photo via wikipedia
Ames’s mug shot, taken on the day of his arrest

Unsolved Mysteries from Northern Europe

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Ulfberht Swords

There remains a long way to go about the Vikings and the innovation they utilized. One antiquity that has perplexed archeologists for an exceptionally lengthy timespan is the Ulfberht sword. As of not long ago (2014), 170 of these swords have been discovered, all dating to between AD 800 and 1000.

photo via wikipedia
Four Ulfberht swords found in Norway (drawings from Lorange 1889)

Some Interesting Historical Mysteries from Great Britain

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Georgina Moore

Georgina Moore was just seven years of age when she disappeared in London on December 20, 1881. The young lady had lunch at a family companion’s home and was most recently seen going to class. At the point when Georgina didn’t return home a short time later, her folks sorted out a hunt exertion. Regardless of looking throughout the night, Georgina’s dad, Stephen, couldn’t discover a hint of her.

source: amazon.com

Alluring Mysteries Surrounding South America

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Upside-Down Stairs

Among the chambers, strongholds, and different structures found inside the Sacsayhuaman ruins, one wonder, specifically, has caught the eye of adventurers and designers alike: a monstrous stone shake with topsy turvy stairs on its top half. Specialists muse that the stone may have been a piece of another structure which could have been wrecked by a seismic tremor or another cataclysmic event, making it land topsy turvy.

photo via wikipedia
Sideways view of the walls of Sacsayhuamán showing the details of the stonework and the angle of the walls.

Some Mysterious Footprints Around the Globe

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Eve Footprints

Impressions found in 1997 on a desolate stretch of South Africa’s west coast are the most seasoned known Homo sapiens prints. They go back to 117,000 years prior and have been named the “Impressions of Eve.” Everything about the prints is completely present day.

photo via wikipedia

Incomprehensible Mountains Around the Globe

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Rainbow Mountains

It took nature 24 million years to make the relevantly named Rainbow Mountains, some portion of China’s Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park. The mountains, which ascend in steep, thick, rough edges, are made out of hued sandstone. In the wake of having been packed for a long time, the stone was constrained upward by moving structural plates, framing sharp, transcending tops.

source youtube

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