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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Trailer 2 – July 21st 2017

Facts on Topeka Insane Asylum

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Starved To Death

In the spring of 1911, charges were documented against the Topeka State Hospital that should prompt an examination. The charges were made by previous and current representatives about the condition and treatment of the patients caught inside the hospital. (more…)

Room No 204

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By: Annonymous

In 2009 Jan, after my MBA, I came to Chennai for employment. Individuals, who are from Chennai would know Triplicane. It has numerous manors/visitor houses. I participated in one manor, as my companion recommended.

The director instructed me to remain in 208, as of late a man looked at from the room. The rooms are typically shared by two. I had a flat mate, he is from Harayana. (more…)

Understanding the Enigma of Aztec City Of The Gods

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Human Sacrifices

The divine forces of Teotihuacan needed blood. They weren’t all an indistinguishable divine beings from those of the Aztecs or the Mayas, and there’s a great deal we don’t think about them—however unmistakably they trusted that their divine beings requested human sacrifices.In the passage under the Pyramid of the Sun, four internment locales loaded with human penances have been found, made when the pyramid was manufactured. (more…)

Undiscovered Mysteries from Jungle

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Prehistoric Stone Balls

Many these extensive stone circles are scattered over the Costa Rican wilderness and are thought to have been developed by ancient people. For quite a long time, they have confused researchers and archaeologists with respect to why they are there and how they were manufactured. The circles go up to 2.4 meters (8 ft) in distance across and are splendidly round. (more…)

The Haunting in Cherokee

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By Annonymous

This arrangement of occasions occurred between myself, my uncle and one of my closest companions while we were in secondary school. I need it to be realized that my uncle is just 2 years more seasoned than me and lived with me at the time. My uncle and my companion were dating at the season of these occasions. I was available for 1 of the happenings. (more…)

Crime Done Because of Being Superstitious

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In Northern India, 1929, two siblings turned out to be gravely sick. They both trusted that their ailment was brought about by the perished spouse of one of the siblings. To dispose of the wrathful soul, they sent for the family minister and implored him for his help.The cleric prescribed that the siblings give up goats to the goddess Kali. The siblings, minister, and four goats went into the wilderness to satisfy the sacrifice. (more…)

The Statue of Marble

The Marble Statue is a frightening apparition tale about a mewly-wedded couple who go to Ireland for their special night. It depends on an old phantom story by E. Nesbit called “Man-Size in Marble”.

After my significant other and I got hitched, we chose to spend our wedding trip in Ireland. We leased a little cabin in a rustic town in the South of the nation.

The bungalow was a delightful minimal stone working with only four rooms and the dividers were canvassed in ivy. It would make the perfect nation home for our one-month remain.


The Statue of a Clown

source youtube

The unnerving clown statue story is a urban legend about a sitter who gets herself alone in the house with an unpleasant statue of a clown. A few people trust this is a genuine story, yet in actuality, it’s only a urban myth.

A couple of years prior, there was a well off couple who had two youthful kids, a kid and a young lady. The family lived in an expansive house in Newport Beach, California.

Subsequent to dealing with their children all week, the mother and father concluded that they required a break, so they booked a table for supper at a pleasant eatery. (more…)

Help Me – Short Horror Story

One icy and dark December night, an adolescent young lady named Kathy was minding kids. There was a seven-year old kid named Taylor, and a six-year old young lady named Selena. The guardians had gone to the motion pictures for the night, leaving Kathy in the house.


Great Britain’s Supernatural Stories from 18th Century

source youtube

Lambert Family Poltergeist

In 1753, John and Ann Lambert moved their family into another house in Winlington, England. Not long in the wake of moving into the house, the Lamberts got themselves pestered by apparition action. They heard thumping clamors in their room, and on one event, Ann saw an entryway and its lock move without anyone else. (more…)


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