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The Invisible Man Trailer -Feb 28th 2020

Thappad Trailer – Feb 28th 2020

Doordarshan Trailer – Feb 28th 2020

Pixar’s Onward Trailer – March 6th 2020

Baaghi 3 Trailer – March 6th 2020

The Way Back Trailer – March 6th 2020

Interesting Archaeological Discoveries

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Otzi the Iceman

In 1991, mountain dwellers found a solidified body in the softening ice of the Alps. Once liberated from the ice, the body was observed to be 5,000 years of age.

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Mysterious Hidden Area Around the Globe Part II

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The Disco Mosque

What strikes a chord when you hear “mosque”? In case you’re anything like us, you’re most likely envisioning something like Istanbul’s well known Blue Mosque—a stupendous grave place intended for devout reflection. All of which serves to make the Shah Cheragh mosque in Shiraz, Iran considerably more special.

Photo credit: Huffington Post

Incredible Inventions Lost in Time

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Anti-Gravity Device
Thomas Townsend Brown

In 1956, the flying exchange production Interavia detailed that Thomas Townsend Brown had gained considerable ground in repulsive force or electro-gravitic drive look into.

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Mysterious Hidden Area Around the Globe Part I

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Deadly Bubbles in Lake Abraham

Made by human mediation in the 1970s—and named in one of those horrendous open naming challenges—Lake Abraham in Canada doesn’t really solid like the kind of place worth going by. Be that as it may, advance there amid winter, and you’ll encounter one of the at the same time coolest and deadliest normal wonders in the Americas.

photo via wikipedia

Biography of Stephen Hawking

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Stephen William Hawking was an English hypothetical physicist, cosmologist, creator, and Director of Research at the Center for Theoretical Cosmology inside the University of Cambridge. His key investigation was in the zones of hypothetical cosmology, concentrating on the advancement of the universe as represented by the laws of general relativity.

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Undiscovered Mysteries of Stars

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Surrounded by Spirals

Found 400 light a very long time from earth in the star grouping Lupus, SAO 206462 picked up the consideration of stargazers in 2011. What amazed them was not simply the star, but rather what encompassed it: it appeared to have winding arms turning around it.

photo via wikipedia

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