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Biography of Avicenna

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Avicenna was the most powerful and eminent thinker and researcher of the Islamic world. Famously known as the father of present day prescription, he examined and turned out with spearheading works in fragrance based treatment.

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Biogrphy of Christiaan Huygens

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Christiaan Huygens assumed a fundamental part in probably the most mind boggling disclosures in math, space science and material science. His part in logical history touches everything from what we now comprehend about the hypothesis of light waves in three measurements, to the idea of outward power, to even fundamental things that are presently learned in primary school classes, for example, space science behind the rings of Saturn.

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Biography of Hipparchus

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Hipparchus was a Greek space expert and mathematician. He is known for finding the adjustment in the introduction of the Earth’s hub and the hub of different planets as for the focal point of the Sun. He was additionally the creator of trigonometry. He had tremendous in topography and was a standout amongst the most well known cosmologists in antiquated circumstances.

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Biography of Carl Sagan

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Carl Edward Sagan was an American stargazer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astro-researcher and creator. He created enthusiasm for space science very ahead of schedule at five years old he initially discovered that the sun was really a star and all stars are as large as sun.

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Biography of Nicolaus Copernicus

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Most prominently known by his surname, Nicolaus Copernicus is considered by numerous to be father of current cosmology. He is known for being the first to open up to the world about heliocentric hypothesis in his work ‘De revolutionibus’ or ‘About Revolutions’; a treatise containing the hypothesis that Earth and alternate planets circled around the sun.

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Biography of Robert Koch

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Germany has delivered a lot of way breaking logical personalities for a considerable length of time yet small time who is considered as a real part of the best at any point created by the nation is Robert Heinrich Herman Koch. Koch established the framework for the investigation of bacteriology in the advanced age and aided in clarifying the causes and conceivable cures of various bacterial illnesses.

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