Dinosaurs More Terrifying than Tyrannosaurus

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Ceratosaurus was a medium-sized theropod which lived during the Jurassic Period in what is currently North America and Europe. It had a massive appearance with short, thickset arms and a huge hornlike distension from its skull. Although it might appear to be a nonexclusive Tyrannosaurus rex model with basic territorial contrasts from the start, don’t be tricked by its straightforwardness.

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Probably the first life restoration of Ceratosaurus, drawn in 1899 by Frank Bond under the guidance of Charles R. Knight, but not published until 1920
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Lands Drowned In The Ocean

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Lohachara Island

One of the more as of late lowered islands on the rundown, Lohachara was at long last lost in 2006—the principal possessed island to be lowered because of environmental change. Situated in India’s Sundarbans, where the waterways Brahmaputra and Ganges void their substance into the Bay of Bengal, the island was once possessed by upwards of 10,000 individuals.

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1954 map showing Lohachara Char (Hindi for Island) in Hoogly River.
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Peculiar Species Recently Discovered

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Among the most modest dinosaurs right now known, the newfound Pegomastax was an odd, fanged, predominate herbivore with a 8-centimeter-long (3 in) skull, 2.5-centimeter (1 in) jaws, a parrotlike bill, and sharp teeth. Its body, which may have been canvassed in plumes, was under 0.6 meters (2 ft) long and may have weighed not exactly a little local cat.

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Most Radioactive Places Around the Globe

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It’s difficult to talk about radioactive locales without raising Chernobyl. The 1986 atomic power plant blast in Ukraine is viewed as the most exceedingly awful atomic calamity that the world has ever seen, and regardless of the way that it’s been broadly explored, numerous inquiries remain.

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Reactors No. 4 and No. 3
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Some Information on The Ancient Earth

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Acid Rain

The sky hasn’t generally been blue. About 3.7 billion years prior, it’s trusted, the seas were green, the mainlands were dark, and the sky overhead resembled a fluffy orange cloudiness.

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Acid clouds can grow on SO2emissions from refineries, as seen here in Curaçao.
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Apparition Islands Around the Globe

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In 1558 the Venetian Nicolo Zeno distributed a guide and letters he said originated from two precursors, Antonio and another Nicolo, who had explored through the North Atlantic around 1400. The letters were for the most part composed by the first Nicolo to Antonio from an island called Frisland.

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map of Iceland, with part of (southern) Greenland: Frislanda and Parte della Groenelanda
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