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Mysteries about Our Solar System

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Great Red Spot on Jupiter

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has created no less than two continuous secrets. The first is the manner by which this Energizer Bunny of a tornado continues onward and going and going. It’s a huge tempest sufficiently wide to contain no less than two Earths. “In view of current speculations, the Great Red Spot ought to have vanished following quite a few years,” said Pedram Hassanzadeh of Harvard University. “Rather, it has been there for many years.” There are a few hypotheses to clarify its life span.

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Extraordinary Intellectual Stars

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Frozen Star

A standard star wires hydrogen fuel to make helium and backings itself with the outward weight of this procedure. Be that as it may, the hydrogen can’t keep going forever, and in the long run, the star needs to consume heavier components. Tragically, the vitality discharged from these heavier components isn’t as much as hydrogen, and the star starts to cool.

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Amazing Oceans In Space

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Pluto’s Nuclear Ocean

In 2015, the New Horizons test will finish up its 3,000-day mission to the very edge of our close planetary system, entering the circle of the cold ex-planet Pluto. Through low-determination pictures, gathered information from circles, and emanation spectra, researchers can just conjecture what lies on the surface of Pluto.

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Big Bang Theory Alternatives

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We’ve stayed away from religious or legendary creation stories for the starting point of the universe up until this point, yet we can make an exemption for Hindu creation stories, which can be accommodated with logical hypotheses without breaking a sweat that getaways most different religious cosmologies. Carl Sagan once stated, “It is the main religion in which the time scales relate to those of present day logical cosmology.

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Undiscovered Mysteries of Stars

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Surrounded by Spirals

Found 400 light a very long time from earth in the star grouping Lupus, SAO 206462 picked up the consideration of stargazers in 2011. What amazed them was not simply the star, but rather what encompassed it: it appeared to have winding arms turning around it.

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Unresolved Science Mysteries

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Speed of Light

While the investigations on the speed of light have not completely disproven the hypothesis that it is the quickest we can go, there is expanding proof that it may really not be exact. Some call attention to that dull vitality appears to go at a speedier rate than any time in recent memory over the long haul.

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