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Inventions Credited to Wrong People

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Affirmed Inventor: Galileo
Real Inventor: Hans Lippershey

The soonest known working telescopes showed up in 1608 and are credited to Hans Lippershey.

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Ancient Inventions We Thought Were Contemporary

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A Babylonian mud tablet that has been for the most part acknowledged as “the soonest known guide” is the ancient rarity uncovered in 1930 at the unearthed demolished city of Ga-Sur at Nuzi, 200 miles north of the site of Babylon.

source youtube

Sources of Renewable Energy

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Solar Power

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar power is saddling the suns vitality to deliver power. One of the quickest developing vitality sources, new innovations are creating at a fast pace. Sunlight based cells are winding up more productive, transportable and even adaptable, taking into consideration simple establishment. PV has principally been utilized to control little and medium-sized applications, from the number cruncher fueled by a solitary sun oriented cell to off-matrix homes controlled by a photovoltaic exhibit.

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Alluring Building Never Constructed

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Beacon of Progress

Plans required a 457 meters/1500 foot stone pinnacle in Jackson Park, Chicago, on the site of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

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Inventors Executed By Their Own Experiments

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Cowper Phipps Coles

Cowper Phipps Coles was a recognized Royal Navy Captain who imagined a turning turret for ships amid the Crimean War.

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Some Misinterpretation about Technology

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Toilets in the Planes

Misinterpretation: Planes dump their can squander while up in the air.

photo via wikipedia
Familientag 27.08.2005 im Airbuswerk Hamburg-Finkenwerder
Boardtoilette eines kleinen Airbus
Lizenzstatus: GNU-FDL

Not just do planes not dump their waste mid-flight, it is additionally unimaginable for them to do as such shy or something to that affect of calamity which makes the waste tanks detonate open.


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