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Condition of the King – Tenali Raman Story

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One day, Krishnadevaraya saw a bizarre dream. He longed for a wonderful mysterious royal residence. It was made of stunning stones and coasted noticeable all around. The royal residence had each solace and courtesy that one would ever wish for. It could be lit up with a thousand lights or made to vanish into the dimness in a jiffy.

The following day when the ruler woke up, he distinctively recollected the fantasy. He summoned every one of his squires and educated them concerning it. The retainers sang gestures of recognition of the lord and his delightful dream. The ruler made an open declaration: “I will give a hundred thousand gold coins to the individual who can manufacture me the royal residence of my fantasy.”

Everybody was startled at the lord’s declaration. They realized that it was not for all intents and purposes conceivable to fabricate the castle that the lord needed. In any case, nobody had the boldness to say as much. A large number of the ruler’s well-wishers disclosed to him that such a royal residence can just exist in one’s brain. Be that as it may, he declined to tune in and debilitated his subjects with grave outcomes in the event that they didn’t discover somebody who could make his blessing from heaven.

The subjects got stressed and moved toward Tenali Raman for offer assistance.

The senior priest asked for Tenali Raman, “Dear Tenali, now no one but you can make our ruler comprehend that his desire to erect the royal residence of his fantasy is foolish or else every one of us will get an extreme discipline.” Tenali Raman guaranteed them that he would attempt to help them.

source youtube

A couple days after the fact, an exceptionally old man came to meet the ruler in his court. He was sobbing for equity.

Krishnadevaraya asked, “What brings you here my great man? Let me know without dread and I guarantee you that equity will be finished.” “I have been ransacked, Your Majesty,” moaned the old man. “Somebody has taken away every one of my funds and now I don’t have a solitary paisa left.”

“Who burglarized you?” asked the lord indignantly. “Such a wrongdoing can’t go unpunished. You name him and I will have him hanged quickly!”

Your Majesty! I will let you know yet first guarantee me that on hearing upon his name, you won’t get furious and rebuff me rather,” asked for the old man.

Yes, I guarantee,” answered the lord restlessly.

“It is you, my master,” said the old man in a trembling voice.

How could you say an absurd thing like that, I will… ,” started the ruler, however then he recalled his guarantee and quieted down. He asked that the old man to clarify what he really intended to state.

“Your Majesty! The previous evening, I imagined that you accompanied your escort of pastors and fighters and plundered my whole life’s reserve funds, five thousand gold coins!” said the old man.

“Are you a trick or totally crazy?” thundered the lord. “How might you regard your fantasy as a reality? Dreams are not valid!”

“However, they are, Your Majesty! In the event that your fantasy of a royal residence hanging in air can work out as expected, why can’t my blessing from heaven?” countered the old man.

And after that, the man removed his facial hair, hair and remained before the lord. It was none other than Tenali Rama!

He bowed before the lord and stated, “Your Majesty! This was the main method for persuading you that building the castle you had always wanted was not for all intents and purposes conceivable.”

Moral: If individuals talk absurdly, you can utilize their own particular rationale to demonstrate to them that they’re being silly.

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