Country Mouse and Town Mouse

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Two little mice were the best of companions. They were additionally first cousins. One of them lived in a town, though the other mouse lived in the nation. Normally, in light of their place of living arrangement their signals and quirks were altogether different from one another. All things considered, they were exceptionally attached to one another.

The nation mouse was moderate and formal in her peculiarities and dressed calmly, while the town mouse strolled quickly and wearing scruffy garments. In any case, their companionship was unaffected by any such contrast. The town mouse was a successive guest to the nation mouse’s home. She lived in a minor house beside a school kitchen.

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The nation mouse was in every case glad to suit her most loved cousin. What’s more, the town mouse would frequently say, “I cherish the manner in which the nation air feels.”

At some point, the town mouse visited the nation mouse. The nation mouse was excited to see her cousin and respected her joyfully. She offered her everything of the remaining nourishment that she had from the school kitchen which included cheddar, bread, bacon and beans. The town mouse ate the sustenance, and felt that it was excessively harsh and dry.

“Dear cousin, I don’t intend to be inconsiderate, however this sustenance is so dry and of such low quality! How on earth do you figure out how to eat such boring sustenance each and every day? I ask for you to go to the town once and I will demonstrate to you what incredible sustenance we have.” The nation mouse was a little confounded at first, however at long last consented to the proposition of the town mouse after a touch of influence.

Both the cousins set out for the town cheerfully. After a long and tiring excursion, both the cousins at last achieved the place of the town mouse. The nation mouse was amazed to see the house. It was a palatial house with excellent insides, much not at all like the school rooms that the nation mouse has dependably observed. Depleted and hungry, the town mouse asked the nation mouse, “Cousin, might you want to have a few refreshments?” The nation mouse gestured her head and them two headed towards the lounge area.

On achieving the dinning place, the town mouse was just awestruck. Never in her life had she seen such a stunning assortment of nourishment. There were extra cakes, juices, meat balls, cheddar, treats and frozen yogurt everywhere throughout the table.

Both the cousins began glutting on the extravagant spread. Abruptly, their devour was hindered by a boisterous sound of yelping and snarling.

“What’s that startling clamor?” asked the nation mouse.

“Goodness it’s simply the canines,” said the town mouse, looking very acclimated with the clamor.

“In any case, I don’t feel great hearing such clamor at supper,” the nation mouse said.

Right at that point, the entryway of the lounge area opened with a blast and two brutal pooches came running towards the table and jumped on it in the blink of an eye.

The startled mice kept running for their lives and never turned back. Soon thereafter, the nation mouse told the town mouse, “Cousin, I will disappear now.”

“However, why so early?” asked the town mouse.

The nation mouse answered, “I would preferably live calmly and eat dry sustenance than live in extravagance with the dread of losing my life.”

The nation mouse left and never thought of coming back to the town again.

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