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Creepy Horror Stories from Gurgaon

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Sector 56, Gurgaon – Paranormal activity

As indicated by Pooja Singh, not long after she and her family moved into another house here, paranormal wonders turned out to be really basic. They’d routinely hear thumps on the entryway with nobody outside and lights going on and off all alone. The last nail in the pine box was the point at which a remote toy auto that a kid could sit in began moving around all alone. Almost certain they gathered their sacks after that.

source youtube
source youtube

Cyber City, Gurgaon – Crying ghosts

As indicated by specific gossipy tidbits, when a school was being assembled close to the Cyber City, the powers were experiencing considerable difficulties security men to monitor the premises as the night progressed. This was on the grounds that odd hints of men, ladies and kids wailing in torment and anguish would radiate from the dim. By morning, the watchmen would be traumatized to the point that they would have fled without coming to try and gather their pay. They evidently had a major old puja to settle things down, however it may very well be a provisional break.

MG Road – Deserted stretch of road haunted by a dead woman

source youtube
source youtube

This stretch of street that is left during the evening is said to be spooky by a lady in a white sari. Come night time, she keeps running close by individuals’ autos and evidently has swelling eyes and a tongue the length of your lower arm. Fascinating. A few BPO taxicab drivers have griped about this nebulous vision, who some accept is the apparition of a lady who kicked the bucket here a few years prior.

Ashok Vihar Flyover – The spirit that misleads you

Between 1-4 am, in case you’re driving on the flyover and happen to see a lady remaining out and about, put the pedal to the metal and put enough separation in the middle of you and that hellbot that even a binoculars won’t spot you. She’s ordinarily around there requesting bearings, and on the off chance that you stop, you auto either separates or you simply continue going in circles. Unpleasant.

Sector 15, Gurgaon – Ghost car that kills

In the foggy winter evenings of December, driving around this cut of Gurgaon isn’t precisely profoundly prompted as it may be. What may persuade you to stay off however is stories individuals say in regards to an auto that passes you by going super quick. Most drivers wind up tailing it, just to wind up verging on hitting a blockade in the street with the auto no place in sight. In the low perceivability, this phantom auto can bring about more than a dismay, it can actually murder you.

Sector 7, Gurgaon – The haunted apartment that turns residents mad

source youtube
source youtube

A ground floor loft here is said to be spooky by some sort of spooky vicinity that haphazardly turns on showers and lights around the house. That sounds more irritating than frightening, yet it’s said that individuals who live in this house have way scarier encounters. They evidently began having mind flights and mental unsettling influences furthermore began seeing interesting shadows and unexplained clamors. Local people trust this is a direct result of the spirit of a man who was fiercely killed in the restroom. Sounds more like an awful corrosive outing.

Saffron BPO Gurgaon – Most haunted place in Gurgaon

Based on top of a cemetery, This BPO is viewed as a standout amongst the most spooky spots in the Gurgaon. As indicated by legend, this organization had a man called Rose who was fundamentally representative of the month for each and every month – reliable and dedicated. One day, after an unusually long telephone call, she went on developed leave, which was odd in itself. Her partners got some information about her yet were informed that no such young lady lived there. After a broad pursuit, they followed her family, who asserted that Rose had kicked the bucket over 8 years back. Her companions and associates were left damaged and cerebrum harmed, and the spooky secret stays right up ’til today.

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