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Creepy Tales Of Interdimensional Travel

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Carol Chase McElheney

In 2006, as Carol Chase McElheney was driving from Perris, California back to her home in San Bernardino, she asserts she chose to stop in the place where she grew up of Riverside. It didn’t take long, notwithstanding, for Carol to acknowledge she wasn’t in the right town, in spite of the fact that its topographical area was right. She guarantees she couldn’t discover her adolescence home or those of other relatives.

source youtube
source youtube

Truth be told, she didn’t perceive any of the houses, despite the fact that all the numbers were still right. Indeed, even the cemetery where her grandparents were covered was simply a fenced part brimming with congested weeds.Was she just in the wrong town? This would be a solid hypothesis had she not discovered a few points of interest that were commonplace, for example, the school and center school. In any case, her help in discovering something unmistakable was fleeting, as she soon recognized the shocking vibe encompassing the Riverside inhabitants who were strolling around. She soon left, hesitant to approach any of these vile beings.

Carol accepts she had unearthed a parallel measurement, in which Riverside was a much darker spot. Her story can’t be affirmed on the grounds that when she came back to Riverside a couple of years after the fact for her dad’s memorial service, it had returned back to the town she knew as a youngster. She never experienced the other measurement Riverside again.

Lerina Garcia

In July 2008, an accomplished 41-year-old lady named Lerina Garcia woke up in her bed on what appeared to like a conventional day. On the other hand, as she went ahead with her typical schedule, she asserts she discovered little points of interest that appeared to be particular. For instance, her sheets and nightgown were unique in relation to what she recalled wearing to bed. She made plans to forget about this interest and headed to her work environment, where she had been utilized for a long time.

source youtube
source youtube

Then again, after touching base at her specialty, she understood it wasn’t really her specialization, notwithstanding being in its standard area on its typical floor.Having chose that something irregular was doubtlessly going on, she returned home just to discover the man from whom she says she had differentiated six months prior, who acted like the detachment had never occurred. Her new sweetheart, whom she asserted she had been seeing for four months, was mysteriously absent.

Indeed, even in the wake of procuring a private criminologist, his whereabouts stayed obscure. There was no hint of him at his claimed living arrangement nor any hint of his family.While it appears to be more probable that Garcia’s observations are the aftereffect of some neurological breakdown, she accepts she woke up in a parallel universe. Lamentably for the charged dimensional explorer, Garcia has not possessed the capacity to come back to her typical universe, abandoning her stuck in a measurement where she doesn’t have a place with a sweetheart she can’t dispose of.

Gadianton Canyon

In May 1972, four young ladies were professedly driving back to Southern Utah University in the wake of spending their Saturday at a rodeo in Pioche. While crossing the forlorn Utah-Nevada state line at around 10:00 PM, they happened upon a fork in the interstate, where they veered to one side and started driving through Gadianton Canyon. All of a sudden, the dark asphalt swung to white concrete.

Accepting they had just taken a wrong turn, the young ladies headed back the way they came, however amazingly, they were all of a sudden driving past grain fields and ponderosa pines with no desert in sight.They chose to stop at a roadside bar to request bearings yet immediately altered their opinions after one of the young ladies started shouting madly. Four egg-molded vehicles mounted on tricycle wheels with splendid lights sparkling from the highest point of them started speeding after them.

source youtube
source youtube

The petrified young ladies sped back through the gulch as the white concrete changed back to its ordinary dark black-top, driving them into the recognizable desert. In the wake of destroying in a spring, abandoning them with three punctured tires, they held up until morning to climb to Highway 56, where they waved to a clearly distrustful state trooper.

As extraordinary as their story appeared, the tire tracks they exited are hard to clarify. The main tire tracks left by the young ladies’ Chevy finished suddenly just 200 meters (around 600 ft) into the desert, which leaves the secret of how the young ladies wound up more than 3 kilometers (2 mi) north of the interstate with no physical proof of their ventures. The auto was additionally missing a hubcap that was never found. Possibly it got lost some place in the Utah desert, or perhaps its being shown at an exhibition hall on the parallel Earth.

Shadow People

As indicated by Albert Einstein, there are four measurements, three of space and one of time, with the exceptional property of the capacity to curve light. Stephen Hawking assisted this hypothesis by scrutinizing the likelihood of numerous more measurements existing in the domain of our universe. Be that as it may, as indicated by Hawking, matter and light are kept to the “film” of the measurement, making inter-dimensional travel outlandish.

source youtube
source youtube

Since space-time can twist light, in any case, there exists the likelihood that we can see the shadows of individuals and even universes from different measurements in our own, and they ours.Supposed experiences with these “shadow individuals” are normal in North America. One story depicts a lady’s meeting with the strange substances as a young lady while living in Dorchester, Massachusetts amid the mid-1990s. Amid her first night resting in another room, she claims to have seen a tall and unnatural shadow on the divider. Incredibly, the shadow ventured off the divider and floated around the room, wearing what gave off an impression of being glasses.

She saw three a greater amount of these shadow individuals close to her storage room. She in the long run understood a substantial shadow was gradually wrapping the whole room, abandoning her in pitch haziness before she jumped from her bed to relish her grandparents’ room. She accepts that what she experienced that night were dimensional voyagers, who doubtlessly saw her as a shadow individual.

Ong’s Hat

source youtube
source youtube

Ong’s Hat, New Jersey was established at some point in the 19th century by a man named Ong after he tossed his cap undetermined and lost it to a tree limb. (Then again perhaps it slipped into another measurement. Who knows?) By the 1920s, the city had turned into an apparition town, however Ong’s Hat wasn’t overlooked. Actually, the relinquished town turned into the subject for one of the soonest Internet-based doomsday notions.

Amid the 1970s and ’80s, another logical standard called “bedlam,” which is concerned with regular encounters, for example, the sound of a fan or the humming of a PC, started to pick up notoriety. Two bedlam researchers named Frank and Althea Dobbs added to a hypothesis that awareness could be displayed as its own particular universe, and if one could ace one’s own “brain delineate,” capacity to control the turmoil and potentially go to different measurements would be achieved.

According to a since quite a while ago exposed scam leaflet, three different confusion researchers joined the Dobbses in establishing the underground Institute of Chaos Studies in Ong’s Hat, New Jersey. It was here that they found the “door” to substitute measurements by placing researchers in a changed tangible hardship chamber called “the egg.” Allegedly, they succeeded and beat the exploration of inter-dimensional travel. On their investigations, they found a world that never created human life yet managed vegetation and water, which is the place the disorder researchers were said to dwell from that point onward.

Pedro Oliva Ramirez

source youtube
source youtube

At around 11:00 PM on November 9, 1986, Pedro Oliva Ramirez claims he was driving from Seville, Spain to the town of Alcala de Guadaira. Being no more peculiar to this trek, it came as a stun when he purportedly went around a bend and discovered himself driving on a new, straight, six-path thruway. He was encompassed by outside structures and peculiar landscape. He felt an impression of warmth while an ensemble of voices rang out there.

One voice emerged among the others, letting him know that he had quite recently been teleported to another measurement. The autos around him, which went at interims of precisely eight minutes, were obsolete and either white or beige with dim, thin rectangles for permit plates.After about an hour of confounded driving, Ramirez discovered a side road to one side, where signs stood indicating Alcabala, Malaga, and Seville. Ramirez started heading toward Seville, however when he halted, he was dumbfounded to discover he was taking a gander at his home in Alcala de Guadaira. When he backtracked his steps, he couldn’t find the intersection, the street sign, or the six-path interstate once more.

Markawasi Stone Forest

source youtube
source youtube

The Markawasi stone timberland lies in the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru. The stones are very nearly like figures, taking shocking shapes like human appearances, however nobody is certain how they framed. As though that isn’t sufficiently spooky, the genuine puzzle is the likelihood of a dimensional entryway that is said to be situated in the forest.

According to Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, a specialist of the unexplained in Lima, a patient came to see him about her amazing instance of hemiplegia, an issue that outcomes in a complete loss of engine capacity in 50% of the body. When he asked about the lady’s condition, she uncovered that she had been enjoying nature with companions in the Markawasi. As indicated by the patient, they had gone out investigating late in the night and stumbled over a light lit stone lodge loaded with moving revelers in 17th-century clothing.

The lady said she felt an extraordinary draw toward the lodge, yet she was yanked away by one of her companions before she could completely enter. The episode left the side of her body that had entered the lodge deadened.

Her test outcomes uncovered no noticeable reason for her loss of motion. Centeno accepts the lady encountered a dimensional movement, creating an adjustment in her sensory system’s vitality stream. Numerous locals and researchers accept that a dimensional entryway exists in the stone woods of Markawasi, which the lady and her companions may have unknowingly crossed. Hemiplegia may not be an extraordinary red ribbon, but rather had she not been pulled away, the lady may have been lost until the end of time.

The Montauk Project

Based out of a relinquished Air Force radar station on the eastern end of Long Island, the Montauk Project was a progression of top mystery United States government analyses taking after the Philadelphia Experiment, whose reason for existing was to make the innovation to render ships imperceptible to radar discovery.

The 1943 undertaking was excessively of a win, as the USS Eldridge as far as anyone knows went actually undetectable before being teleported into another measurement, in the end returning off the shore of Norfolk, Virginia.Because a considerable lot of the group kicked the bucket when the task turned out badly and the individuals who didn’t were headed to the verge of craziness, authority subsidizing for the Philadelphia Experiment was pulled.

Nonetheless, researchers and military authorities were entranced with the test’s outcomes and needed to keep investigating the conceivable outcomes of teleportation and interdimensional travel, so the Montauk Project was dispatched in the 1960s.

source youtube
source youtube

Headed by Dr. John von Neumann, the Montauk Project concentrated on looking at the mental changes of the individuals who went through measurements and deciding why the Philadelphia Experiment was a debacle regardless of its accomplishments in teleportation.

As per their hypotheses, people are conceived with a period reference guide that is connected toward the electromagnetic fields remarkable to this Earth and measurement. This is the reason such an emotional bounce to another dimensional plane was unfavorable to so large portions of the team, creating craziness and passing. Amid the Montauk Project tests, Von Neumann tackled this issue by making a PC recreated Earth and changing the body’s chance reference points.

According to reports on the Montauk Project, Von Neumann succeeded at sending individuals to different measurements without outcome. On the other hand, upon the test’s culmination in 1967, a report was sent to Congress on their discoveries about brain control and interdimensional travel. Congress ended subsidizing and ended the undertaking, dreading of mass personality control.


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